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Support During The Holidays

Hey there!!

First, we would like to wish you a Happy Holidays from us over here at Hostcrate! We hope it’s a good one this year!

We wanted to let you know that there will be delays in customer support during the holidays so the staff can have time to celebrate with their family and friends. Our amazing staff have said they would be online but not necessarily available so leaving a support ticket using our bot at the office is best so they can answer them when they are available. Please be patient and understand that we do have real lives with family that we would also like to spend time with, celebrate Christmas, the new year, and etc.  We appreciate each one of you and we thank you deeply for your understanding this holiday season!

Support will return right back to normal on January 2nd, 2019! Again, we thank you for understanding.

–The Hostcrate Team–

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