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Halloween Special Offers – 2019

Here are the special offers in celebration of Halloween. You can claim any of these deals by messaging me within Second Life. All specials will end at 11:59PM SLT. If a Patron, these specials ends on November 7th, 2019 at 11:59PM SLT

–Renew a week, get 1 free. Up to 1 month total. For Patron’s, up to 3 months total.

–1/2 off lifetime licenses includes 1 month of support.  A small renewal support fee applies thereafter.

–Come to the new setup office dressed in a Halloween costume, Take a cute pic, send it to me to share on our Facebook/IG Page and get a FREE week!! You can use my PICKS tab for the new  office landmark. Get 2 weeks free if a Patron.

–Renew any stream for 1 year, get 3 months on us for FREE. Patron’s get an additional 3 months if redeeming this offer. Cannot be combined with any other offer (except the one listed right above for the free week for dressing up)

–Month free of service in SL Special Offer • 5 days left
10 patron’s OR until 11/05/19 12PM EST which ever comes 1st will get a month free of
service in SL. Can be combined. Only 6 spots left!

–Bring a friend and get the same amount of time that they purchase. Example: They buy
a month of service, you get a month free. They pay a year, you get a year free. Limit of 1
friend. Patron’s can bring 2 and get the time of both friends. Using alts = banned!!

–Post a review on our facebook page (at least 2 complete sentences), get 1 week free.
Patron’s get 2 weeks free.

That is all for now. If you have an idea, please reach out to me as I take suggestions for special deals! 🙂

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