Expired Sales

Plant trees by purchasing/upgrading to a license

Expired Sale

Purchase a license or upgrade to a license
-new purchase includes 1 year free support
-upgrade won’t include free year, only transferred time of up to one year.

You’ll be planting trees with your purchase/upgrade as 50% will be donated to https://teamtrees.org/


-Budget License: L$3900 ÷ 2 = L$1950 = 7 trees

-Standard License: L$7800 ÷ 2 = L$3900 =14 trees

-5gb license: L$10400 ÷ 2 = L$5200 =18 trees

-10gb license: L$13500 ÷ 2 = L$6750 = 24 trees

No need to contact me as our license vendors are already set UNLESS you’re upgrading. Use my PICKS tab to teleport to the new office location to make a purchase.

Thank you


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