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Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

UPDATE: There was a mistake pointed out to me by a few customers. The #3 was to refer to license streams and the #4 was referring to regular monthly streams – I corrected this mistake.

Sales end on February 21st, 2020. To Redeem: https://forms.gle/Kj9NjDZSW6DG9cqj9

1: Bring a crush/valentine to get a stream, get a week free on yours.
—Take a cute Valentine’s Day pic at the office, both get a week free

2: Renew 2 weeks, get 2 free. Cannot be combined.

3: Convert your SL License stream into an RL license stream for 50% our retail price and transfer all of your time over! Locked in pricing as long as you don’t go in overdue status. You’ll also get premium support for FREE ($60 USD yearly savings). Converting to USD keeps us in business.

4: Convert to an RL stream for our regular monthly plans & get premium support for FREE as long as you don’t go in overdue status. Cannot be combined.

5: Become a Patron on Patreon ($5 tier or above), get a special gift in the mail only those who redeem this option gets

6: Purchase premium support, get the equal for a friend.

7: Get a club or radio plan for just the equivalent of $20.00 for a year (L$5580 – can be paid is L$). A HUGE savings as a radio plan is L$13,000/yr & Club plan is L$19,500/yr. New and Existing customers. 1 year limit.

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