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Semi-Dedicated Shoutcast Streams (updated 11/13/2020)

Hostcrate will be offering Semi-Dedicated Shoutcast streams.

We are the FIRST & ONLY to offer this in SL & out for shoutcast streams!!!!!

What is Semi-Dedicated?
These stream accounts will be on servers that will have a strict hard limit on the number of accounts on the server. Example: Server PURPLE will have a hard limit of only 50 stream accounts, period.

Why would I want a Semi-Dedicated stream?
Being honest, most won’t. But for those who wish to know there is a disclosed limited number of accounts on a server it would give peace of mind. On regular accounts, the amounts can range from 300 or more accounts on a server which can vary by account type (like space/autodj) and we DO NOT disclose the number of accounts on our regular plan servers.

Is there any other benefits besides the hard limit?
Actually, yes. So glad you asked! Semi-Dedicated streams will be *automatically* restarted anytime there is a reboot whether scheduled or not. This feature is called Premium Support but is included with Semi-Dedicated streams. Custom URL’s are included as well…even if you have/want a stream plan that doesn’t normally include it.

Is the Semi-Dedicated a plan or what?
The Semi-Dedicated is an optional add-on to our plans. The price you pay for opting for a Semi-Dedicated add-on includes the price of the plan you are on.

Example: You are paying for the budget plan at L$99 a week. You decide to get the Semi-Dedicated #100 add-on which is L$500 a week. You are *NOT* paying L$599 a week, you are only paying L$500 a week.

How many on each server?
We will have two options.

Option #1: A hard limit of 100 or less. L$500 a week / L$2000 a month
Option #2: A hard limit of 50 or less. L$750 a week / L$3000 a month

Why is this so expensive?
Actually, it isn’t expensive at all given the hard limits put onto these servers. Both still are less expensive given how much streams are in RL. With support staff that actually cares is always a plus, right? 😉😍

A quick search on google would give you an idea of how much streams cost (most start at $19.99 a month for less than 100 listeners!!)

Option #1: L$500 a week is $1.94USD a week / L$2000 a month is $7.75USD a month

Option #2: L$750 a week is $2.92USD a week / L$3000 a month is $11.62USD a month.

When will this option be available?
Pre-order is now available! We are setting up a new server on a new network to do beta testing. When all goes well, semi-dedicated customers will be put onto the server. When it becomes full, we will continue to order new servers. You will be informed along the way and when your semi-dedicated option has been applied to your stream.

We are shooting for Mid October. This will depend on how well the beta testing of the new datacenter will be. We will keep *THIS POST* updated.

How do I get the Semi-Dedicated add-on?
Easy. We will have designated purchase vendors. Click here for the direct vendor location. You would use the vendor.

Will my account details change?
The IP address will change because you will be placed on a different server. Your username, passwords, and port number should not change. Unless there is an issue server side with a port number which is unlikely BUT for full transparency, it may. You will be notified if there is any issue.

What if I have time remaining on my plan?
You would just pay the difference.

Example: You have 1 week remaining on a budget plan. You want to get the semi-dedicated option: L$500 – L$99 = L$401 you would pay in this case. If you have a club stream, however, with 4 weeks remaining: L$2000 – L$1500 = L$500 you would need to pay.

Will I be able to request a screenshot of proof that there are X amount?
Absolutely. Just contact me directly.

Are these the only two options that will be available?
There may be one more added with a hard limit of 25 accounts or less for L$1300 a week ($5.05USD/wk)  / L$5200 a month ($20.14USD/mo) but that will depend on the level of interest given to these two options.

Can I do the same if I have an RL account with you?
Yes. Just contact me directly. RL accounts pricing typically will be higher than SL pricing.

More Questions may be listed if they arise. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions yourself.

Thank you!!

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