Expired Sales

Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales (Sales added)

Hope everyone had a safe & happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday!

I apologize these are late.

First & Foremost: To redeem any sale, please contact me directly by NOTECARD ONLY with your SL Name (no display names) AND the sale/sales you want to redeem, rename your notecard “Your SL NAME – TG BF SALE”. If you send anything else, it’ll be trashed. NO IM’s unless it is questions about the sales.

1: New Customers Only: Get 50% off your first 3 months of service. An alt is NOT a new customer – you’ll be banned from our services.

2: New Customers Only: Get 30% off any license & 3 months support included.

3: If you send a friend as a new customer, you get whatever % discount they get. (Example: They want to redeem #1 as a new customer then you’ll get 50% off 3 months of your services. Payment for services must be done to redeem the % off)

4: Tweet us @Hostcrate with a picture of you wearing your mask like you should be during this pandemic & get a free month of service!

5: The season of giving: if you renew/purchase 4 weeks, you can gift 2 weeks free to a friend. A special thank you to Nevada Dimitriaski for this sale idea!!!

6: On Cyber Monday Only: Renew 1 month, get 1 month free. No limit, any plan. Expires at 11:59PM SLT

7: I read this entire post and I will be following the rules so I will be getting a free week from Lexxi just for following instructions 😉

8: Purchase/Renew 1 year, get 3 months free. Cannot be combined.

9: Purchase/Renew 3 years, get 1 year free. Cannot be combined on the same day.

10: Renew for $1USD to get 5 weeks of service. Any plan. CashApp required.

11: Renew for $12USD to get 14 months of service. Any plan. CashApp required.

12: Unmetered Listeners & DOUBLE SPACE (20GB) License – Click for details!

ADDED SALES AS OF November 28th, 2020 at 6PM SLT
*Please note: RL Plans help keep us staying in business so we are grateful & thankful for those who want to keep us around so they don’t mind the pricing for RL services. THANK YOU!!!*

13: Get our RL radio plan with Unmetered Listeners, 10GB of space, & included Custom URL for 70% OFF! Normally $16.99 per month, get it for only $9.99 a month!! Limited 10 spots. New purchase only.

14: Get our RL unmetered listeners Lifetime License 10GB plan for $69! Normally $202.99! A savings of $133.99! Includes 1 year free support then renewal of support is only $19.99/year ($1.66 a month)! Limited 10 spots. New purchase only.

15: Get a 20% off voucher to use for our semi-dedicated option. Click me for details on what semi-dedicated means.

16: Don’t need to add more time or services to your rental but still want to support Hostcrate? Awesome & THANK YOU! You can buy our Hostcrate merch and/or our funny store merch which is called ThinkLMAO. All funds made go back into our business to keep us around.

17: Add me on TikTok to get a free week. And, get to know my RL 🙂 if you’d like!

ADDED SALES AS OF November 29th, 2020 at 3PM SLT

18:  Savings Promotion! Regular Plans!
Sun, Nov 29 2020 3:08:12 PM PST

Purchase/Renew any Intro, Radio, or Club plan for $20USD (L$5165 equivalent) for 1 year! L$ & RL payments will be accepted. Savings are below (in L$)

Intro Normally for 1 year: L$7800, Savings of L$2635
Radio Normally for 1 year: L$13000, Savings of L$7835
Club Normally for 1 year: L$19500, Savings of L$14335

Limited to 15 spots only. First come first serve. Contact me by IM or NC to redeem. Expires December 5th 2020 @ 11:59PM SLT. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

-More sales may be added but for now this is it.-

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