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Find The Elf Girl

Find The Elf Girl – Prize Winning Game

Hey! So, since it seemed as if people enjoyed the Halloween Hide & Seek, I’m bringing it back but this time it will be much easier!

1: It is only *ONE* object. An Elf Girl. Here is a picture of her. Also, a video too so you know her size.

2: She will *NOT* be placed on the entire sim. She will be placed in two areas. Either the office area (inside or outside the buildings) as seen below. Or she will be in any of the stream’s rental box rooms (the areas where you pay your rental boxes). That’s it.

3: If you find her, you will win the prize for that day IF you follow #4 instructions. She will then be placed back out to be found by another person. You can find her once per day to give everyone the chance to win. Prizes will change and vary drastically. Only I have the list of prizes and no, you cannot see them 😉

4: Once you find her: Buy her for L$0 then take her into your inventory. Once she’s in your inventory then send me a direct message saying you found the elf girl and I will get back to you asap. PLEASE *DO NOT* send her to me until I ask or you risk losing her as she will be transfer only which would make me upset so please, please, please wait until I ask.

5: This will start on December 4th, 2020 at 6AM SLT & end on December 31st, 2020 at 12PM SLT

That’s it! I hope this brings some holiday cheer. These rules may update/change at anytime without notice.

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