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Upcoming Changes: Custom URLs, Moving accounts?

Below, I will be going over a few of the upcoming changes which does involve the previous video posted (“Change Announcement at Hostcrate – June 2021“) which is no longer the case. Please be sure to read this in its entirety and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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-Change #1:
We will **NOT** be moving accounts so the previous video no longer applies and will be removed soon. After finding out I was pregnant, doing this would cause me a lot of stress AND I think a lot of customers as well so I decided to cancel that change. I’m so sorry for the worry I may have caused you. Please note that you can still transfer to the new control panel if you so choose to unless you have a custom URL as those cannot be hosted on the new control panel.

-Change #2:
To offset the cost of keeping the servers with the higher fees that we pay and not doing the move, Custom URL’s will no longer be included in any plan. Instead a Custom URL will be an addon option and cost L$75/week additional (pay yearly to get a 50% discount). This pricing change will go into effect on November 9th, 2021 and will apply to all customers. No grandfathering will be given. If you have a custom URL, another rental box will be set out for you with payments not taking effect until November 9th, 2021. If you don’t renew, you will risk losing your custom URL and your stream will be removed then recreated to have the custom URL removed with new notecard added into your rental box to reflect the change. You will NOT be personally notified as that is exactly what these notices are for – to keep customers informed – as I’m only 1 human being and just cannot personally contact each and every customer about every change/update/notice. Please also note that we do get charged: A base price for the control panel, a per account fee for using said control panel, the server cost, the licensing cost for the software we use which adds up quickly for these servers so that is why if anyone wishes to have a Custom URL, there will be a fee for getting one as they have to be on these servers for a custom URL. Our new control panel & servers cannot host domains like that.

P.S. THIS is exactly why notices are so important whether you subscribe to our news page, the inworld notice kiosk, group notices, our facebook page, our twitter, etc. There are no exceptions – even if you somehow missed this information, it is your responsibility to keep up with changes etc as I give plenty of notice in advance in 99% of cases including this one.

–Update #3:
I will be hiring for 2 customer services reps. You *must* be reliable, communicate well, have the time to dedicate to be a CSR, willingness to learn, must use voice both in & out of world including on Discord. The application will be available soon. The payment will be significantly higher than what was offered before. When hired, you will be in a 30 day probational period then hired on in full capacity if we see you being a good fit for the team. NEVER take it personal if I feel you are not, I’m a business owner and must make tough decisions.

–Update #4:
I’m redoing the main office area. But don’t be alarmed because your rental boxes will not be moved. Just the location of where people land for our Main Office. I *HIGHLY* dislike moving the rental boxes & A GIANT thank you to CanBe Moody for setting them up to look like a human being lining them up properly lol. I won’t ruin his hard work! So don’t be alarmed with that.

–Update #5:
In case you missed it, I’m pregnant. I will be 7 weeks on August 11th, 2021 so with that I will not be working to the bone like I normally do and will be enforcing myself to take it easy so please respect that. It is vital that I get as much rest as possible but don’t panic because I’m still going to be here and reply asap. Just don’t get upset if it takes me a little longer than normal as I may just be sleeping. Baby is my priority.

–Update #6:
I have decided to offer a huge discount incentive to those who renew on a yearly basis. We’re talking a 75% discount which would make our budget streams at its original L$25/week – L$1300/year. This offer will be made available as soon as I have finished redoing our main office. The discount will be 50% for VIP Licenses.

–Update #7:
Custom URL addon will include the premium support feature at no extra cost which will hopefully lessen the pricing change blow. This means if you continue with your custom URL, then you’ll also get your stream restarted for you anytime we have maintenance whether scheduled or not at no extra fee…Just the L$75/week for the custom URL is it. Normally, this addon is L$75/week on its own but I decided this would help lessen the hit of the pricing news and possibly be less upsetting.

–Update #8:
Lifetime licenses will now be called VIP licenses. Our signage will reflect this change to remove any confusion on how licenses work.

–Update #9:
We will have an affiliate program coming. This is on the list to do but it isn’t a priority. It may not be ready until December-ish. This will just depend on my work load. I will be hiring someone to manage this program. Please if you are interested in having our affiliate program, you’ll need enough land to do so & there will be an affiliate fee because this will be a lot of extra work on our part as everything will be done manually by myself or a staff member.

That is all the updates for now. I will send notice if there are any changes as I always do. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help or have any questions.

–Thank you, LustyLexxi Larimore

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