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UPDATE: Regarding Transfers

Hey there!

I wasn’t expecting to receive the overwhelming response from my last notice. (

Whew, so let me update you all and give you all the details in getting moved over. Please read this post in full so you don’t miss any important details.

First, let me clear some stuff up.

1: The server isn’t broken. This is only happening because Google changed it’s web browser (Chrome) to force SSL so when someone would enter their stream URL which we use just the IP address, it would not allow it to be listened to. This happened for any provider who used an IP address. An SSL needs to have a domain attached to it to use an SSL. Other browsers have followed suit.

2: I have had on 2 cases where I had to switch customers to the new server who were having issues where people couldn’t hear their streams while they were broadcasting – in 1 case not even the owner of the stream could hear it. However, I have since received messages that this has happened to others but they are just now reporting it as they just figured it was an SL issue.

3: If you have a custom url (, the new server isn’t capable of using subdomains so I can’t move your custom URL to the new server with the stand-alone software. I have already spoken to the developers about this & they have made it clear that it isn’t possible on their end to do this. HOWEVER, you should be ok and be able to use your custom URL (as it is a subdomain) to have your stream be listened to instead of just your stream’s IP:port as an SSL can be attached to your custom url via your control panel. I can help you with this just feel free to reach out!

4: Please be patient. I will be going in order via the transfer request. I am only 1 human being.

5: I cannot guarantee that your information will remain the same. I will do my best to but there will be cases where it isn’t possible whether that is because the port number is already in use or etc.

6: Please fill out this form:  — Please make sure to include all of your stream details in the box where it asks. I cannot create your account just by your stream url. I *will* contact you directly by IM (or by whatever means you stated in that form you wish to be contacted by when I am on yours. I will NOT begin until I know it is all clear as I don’t want to interrupt anyone who may be in the middle of a set.

That is all for now. I will update THIS POST if anything changes or I need to update you in any way about this particular situation.

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