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The tough decision: Part 2


The tough decision: Part 2

WARNING: This is gonna be long. Please read it. If you aren’t a customer or are looking to become a customer of ours this doesn’t affect you nor have anything to do with you 😉

The below pricing structure will take effect for existing customers January 1st, 2023. Once that time comes I will enter you into the new system that we are using for our streams (NO MORE RENTAL BOXES!).

I did the calculations and with the help of my husband, the new pricing will allow me to do what I previously stated in part 1 post. It will allow the room to grow & expend with new servers as we need them. It will allow me to hire staff with a good salary so I don’t burn out as I have had been doing for what feels like forever with doing all the work I do, alone. To be able to cover the operating costs & not have it come out of pocket as that is the opposite of what a business should be doing. It will allow me to earn money from my business to take care of my family: i.e. paying our bills like groceries, buying food/toys/treats for our 3 dogs, lights, being able to buy myself lunch with using earnings from my business if I wanted to, etc.

The previous pricing…I couldn’t do any of that really. Our budget plan was $0.40 a week. Not including the 5% transaction fee to process funds from L$ to USD (

Servers alone are expensive. Now even more with how data centers are no longer offering unmetered bandwidth as they give you an allotted amount on a server you order then charge for anything you use that is over that amount. Streaming services require plenty of bandwidth.

Here is our new pricing:

REGULAR STREAMS (non licenses):

VIP Licenses:

Daily Rental:

The daily rental is for those who come in and need something on the spot but not for that long. Like retired DJ’s who want to do an event for a friend, for example.

I know that the pricing is quite an increase. But in order for Hostcrate to continue doing business and providing the reliability that we are known for with the customer support I do my very best to give: we have to cover expenses which includes but not limited to land tier, staff pay (I’m staff too ya know)/hiring more staff, servers, to be able to deploy new servers, software, billing software, cover any bandwidth overages, advertising so we can get our name out there in SL & RL, etc.

If I would of continued the same pricing, I would eventually have to close up & retire which I didn’t want to do, at all. I don’t/won’t use shitty servers at shitty data centers who charge pennies for mediocre service. I take pride in providing reliability & proper customer service – it is important for my customers to have that & I won’t settle for anything less, ever.

I hope I don’t lose any customers or upset anyone. But this is what is best for Hostcrate to continue to be around in the future.

There will be a part 3 which will show you our new place, the new rental system we will be using, etc, that we can settle into for a while (whew no more moving & especially no more of those damn rental boxes!!!).

I appreciate you all. If it wasn’t for YOU, the customers, I wouldn’t be here today! Thank you!

-LustyLexxi Larimore


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