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Hi there! This is just a friendly reminder that tomorrow February 18th is my RL birthday so I will be taking the day off. I may still sign online but I won’t be working. I will put anything work related in a to do list on my phone if you do reach out for assistance. IF you are doing an event/gig, please be sure to send me an IM to see if I can make it as if I can, I will! 💖

In this post as the p.s., I said I would put in my wishlist but the site I use is currently switching to another payment processor so instead I just put out myself a Happy Birthday section at my office with cake & other yummy snacks that you’re more than welcome to. I left a tip jar out next to it if you were planning to use the wishlist this year but can’t, sorry about that. ** NEVER ** an obligation and I ** NEVER ** expect anything but I do get asked and that is the reason I put the option out there as people in this world are just simply generous humans and want to show kindness, love, & support to other humans.

That was all. Thank you for reading.
–♡ LustyLexxi Larimore ♡

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