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We are extremely busy here at Hostcrate which is why we had created a tutorial on how to start your streams using your control panel. We have had the issue with people – quite frankly being lazy & not wanting to restart their own streams which takes just a few minutes to do. We have come to realize that this has become overwhelming and have decided that we will start having to have a premium service support for special things to have done/we will do for you. We are one of the few (apparently) stream providers that do in fact offer a control panel so this shouldn’t be as big of an issue as it has become.

Premium Service Support is an option to those who wish to get more than we usually do at Hostcrate. It includes us to start your stream immediately after any server reboots and/or maintenance. This offer will expand but this is what it includes at this time. Prices & Slots available are subject to change. NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON so please do not ever ask.

But as with everything in life, we will charge for this type of support. But it is affordable.

Here is the pricing details:

Here is the pricing details:

L$75 per week (L$300/mo)

L$3900 per year (Yearly Payments Only)


IF you would like to have your control panel started for you immediately after reboot, you’ll want premium service support which can be ordered by using the premium support vendors located downstairs near the stream testing area. After purchase, you *MUST* contact us letting us know of your order.

Grandfather Policy: The premium price changed on 4/26/2019 & again on 7/13/2019. If you have a current, up to date box you will be grandfathered into the old pricing. However, if you fail to renew/get evicted for non-payment, you’ll lose the grandfathered pricing and the current pricing will apply.

**Disclaimer: In the event in which circumstances prevent you from logging into your control panel such as failed log ins resulting in being banned by IP, you will have to contact us to be unbanned. OR in the event that you have a dynamic IP that bans you from access on a multiple time bases we may start your stream as a courtesy BUT this service is still in effect and you’ll be directed to get it if you want to have your stream started by us.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, issues, please feel free to contact me.
Updated Pricing On 7/13/2019