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Self Support/Troubleshooting:
(see how to get support below)
**Scheduled Reboots are posted here!**

Stream not working??
STOP! Before you contact support please be sure to log into your control panel and restart your stream!
This is usually the #1 problem if there was a server reboot while you were offline or you missed the group announcement.

How To Restart Your Stream:
Use the Control Panel URL, username and password to log in and restart your stream:
Do NOT copy and paste the Username and Password! It IS case sensitive which means “A” does NOT equal “a”. Failure to login correctly 3 times will result in an IP ban.
If this happens you must contact a CSR to get it unlocked by giving them your IP information.

Image of what to look for when you log in:

Video On how to Restart your stream:

Basic Support:
Though we pride ourselves on great customer support please remember that there are certain things that are not a part of basic support. Basic support included in a stream purchase only covers things actual issues with the server that effect everyone, actual issues with your stream not working that can’t be fixed by the user/renter or control panel password issues. Sometimes our staff might be kind in helping with software setup issues but it is not a requirement or an expectation that they must help you with. This is a small part of our TOS which we recommend reading.

For example a few of the FAQ’s Basic support does not cover:
1) We do not teach you how to DJ and give you all the tools like software/music. We are just a service you use to stream with.

2) Giving you DJ software – We do not sell a software package for our streams.  Need Software? Try free software like Mixxx, BUTT or Winamp, etc.

3) Helping you set-up/install your DJ software (Sam Broadcaster, Virtual DJ, Nicecast, BUTT, Mixxx, Winamp)
There are lots of online tutorials and youtube videos to help with setting these types of software

4) Fixing, updating, configuring, etc a shoutcast board. Please contact the creator of your board for support.

How to get support:
We ARE here to help you when you need support. BUT we cannot help you unless you reach out through any of the support channels we have available to you so please NEVER hesitate in contacting us 🙂

1: You can leave us a support ticket making sure we receive your message as we all know SL tends to cap our IMs & Notecards. Just go to our website at to leave a message & We will reply within 24 hours (very much typically sooner)! If we’re on chat, though, we will reply immediately.

2: Go to the office & slap one of the staff’s online status board if we’re online

3: Send a direct IM and/or notecard to any of the staff members. We suggest if you don’t receive a message from us within 24 hours, try again as we may not have received it! We *NEVER* ignore our customers – We simply didn’t receive your message so please please try again.

4: Use the group for support. Other customers are always pretty helpful if they are free or just to check to see if any staff is online.

5: Join our discord group.

6: Send a message to our facebook page:

Alternatively, you can send an email directly to the owner at Please include your SL username, NO display names.
Our OFFICIAL Facebook Page – Be sure to leave us comments & like us!

Our OFFICIAL Twitter – Be sure to follow us!

Terms of Service – This is an important thing to read 🙂 You can obtain the *most updated* version at our office.

Read this page? GOOD! IM LustyLexxi Larimore direct to get a free week for just following instructions 😉 THANK YOU!