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Expired Sales

Sales: December 2018

Here are a few promotions that we have available. For a full list of current sales, click here.. Read them carefully and use the redemption form to redeem any of the listed sales that we post on the website.

To Redeem any of the promotions that we offer, please fill out this form. This should make our lives easier 🙂
Note: Anything that is strike through is expired (example: strike through. Or has been placed in the EXPIRED section of the website.

  • Now through December 26th, 2018 All is Doubled!
    Renew 1 month and receive 2 months. Renew 3 months and get 6. Renew 6 and get 12 and so on. One month minimum term required, no maximum limit for RL customers but 12 month maximum or SL customers. Cannot be combined with any other offer except RL conversions. New and existing customers.


  • Holiday Special! 60% OFF Lifetime Recurring fee excluding budget stream/licenses and 80% OFF One Time lifetime license fee for RL licenses and 40% OFF One Time OFF One Time lifetime license fee for SL licenses.  New and existing customers. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Ends December 31st, 2018, limited spots available [10 total].


  • Get premium support for 60% OFF for as long as you are up to date with payments. Going overdue will void this deal and the then current price will take effect. New and existing customers. This CAN be combined with other offers. Ends December 31st, 2018. Note that our premium support prices will be going up starting in January 2019 so grab the deal with it is available.


Here is a list of all of our current sales as of writing this post.

***We pay small idea finder (L$) fee if you have a deal for a
sale/promo to which we use! Contact LustyLexxi Larimore inworld!***