Unlimited/Unmetered Policy

Why is Hostcrate offering “Unlimited/Unmetered” Bandwidth? Unlimited/Unmetered isn’t Infinite!

This simply means that won’t have to worry about your bandwidth usage. “Unlimited/Unmetered” does not mean infinite by no means. It just means that there are no arbitrary limits.

There are still other aspects of operating your sites and/or shoutcast stream(s) that you will need to consider. If your sites and/or shoutcast stream(s) are poorly optimized and are causing issues for others on your shared server (such as using excessive amounts of CPU, RAM, or Disk I/O), we may ask you to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server, or Cloud Server depending upon your situation.

We will do our best to advise you in optimizing your sites and/or shoutcast streams but cannot make any promises in this regard. While we don’t like having to ask customers to upgrade, please keep in mind how you would feel if the performance of your shared server was degraded due to other users you have no control over. We don’t want your sites and/or shoutcast stream to suffer as a result of others and we don’t want others to suffer as a result of yours.

What limits are there on “Unlimited/Unmetered” bandwidth?

Accounts may not use more than 10% of the total CPU and RAM resources for no more than 90 seconds. Said processes may be stopped at anytime at the discretion of Hostcrate without warning if it is an issue with server performance. If such problem continually occurs, customer will be contacted VIA IM (Second Life), notecard (Second Life), Live Chat, and/or email. Account may be suspended/terminated if necessary (if it is affecting the server performance) and only at the discretion of Hostcrate.

These limits are to protect the server as a whole as well as you from other customers and vice versa. For example without these limits an account with excessive inodes could cause File System damage or a site using up all of the CPU on the server could take the entire server offline.

Hostcrate reserves the right to remove content stored on our servers that violates any of the terms of the Unlimited Policy or our Terms of Service. Hostcrate has sole discretion to determine what does and does not constitute a violation of any of our policies.

That sounds like a lot of limits on “Unlimited/Unmetered”!

The limits on our “Unlimited/Unmetered” plans apply to our “Limited” plans as well, however, we wanted to be up-front and transparent about the limits you could potentially run into. This policy is primarily aimed at those that wish to sign up with the intent to use as much storage/bandwidth as possible by backing up their computers, their other hosting accounts, storing their music or video collections (outside the normal use of a shoutcast stream), etc. all of which are not permitted.

The vast majority of our customers have never had major issues with the limits we have put in place, however, those that have generally were lacking optimization of their sites or were simply trying to run a site on shared hosting that needs more power such as a VPS, Dedicated Server, or Cloud Server. While we are not limiting your total bandwidth you are still on a shared server and must share server resources. This policy helps ensure we provide a fair service to all of our customers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.