Acceptable Use Policy

Content Restrictions – Acceptable Use Policy

All services provided by Hostcrate may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data, or material in violation of any United States federal, state, or local law is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to copyrighted or trademarked material and material protected by trade secret.

Warez Policy: Actual files, including but not limited to pirated software, hacker programs, cracks, and MP3 files, are strictly prohibited from being stored on any Hostcrate servers.

Examples of unacceptable content include, but are not limited to the following:
Pirated software, Hacker programs or archives, illegal MP3 files or archives.
IRC servers are strictly prohibited.

Clients are allowed to use up to 10% of the total CPU and RAM resources for no more than 90 seconds. If such problem continually occurs, customer will be contacted VIA e-mail and account may be suspended/terminated if
necessary and only at the discretion of

Clients are NOT ALLOWED TO:

(including but not limited to the above & below)

– Run stand alone scripts such as IRCD
– Run any Internet Relay Chat software (IRC)
– Run any bittorrent software including trackers, clients, etc.
– Do any filesharing / P2P activities
– Run any game server application (unless on a cPGS or TCAdmin designated server)
– Run cronjobs less than 15 minutes
– Illegal Adult Content (child pornography etc.)
– Rapidleech scripts
– Topsite scripts (applies only to shared hosting server, not proxy servers)
– Proxy scripts
– Warez Hosting/Warez Linking
– Hack sites etc.
– File Hosting (Includes Image Hosting)
– Services used to spam (see #6)
– Have anything else that may seem illegal / or breaks the laws of the state of Illinois or the United States.

Hostcrate reserves the right to remove any material from Client’s web space that is deemed unacceptable (includes warez linking but not limited to all above examples) by us. reserves the right to terminate Client’s account without refund at our discretion if said material is discovered. is the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of the above provisions.

Hostcrate reserves the right to update, modify, change, or otherwise our terms of service, unlimited/unmetered policy, acceptable use policy, and/or any other policy that Hostcrate has whether in Second Life or out of Second Life.

It is the *SOLE* responsibility of the client to read all policies. Client agrees, understands, and acknowledges all of Hostcrate polices whether have read them or not when purchasing and/or renewing their account.