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April Fools & Easter Sale 2022

ALL VIP (formerly called lifetime) Licenses are on sale for only L$1,000!!!! Sale includes FREE support for 6 months then (small) renewal fee applies. There is NO LIMIT to this sale. New license purchase only & cannot be applied as an upgrade/downgrade/etc. Depending on sales volume, it may take up to 7-10 business days (Mon-Wed) to receive your license so please be patient. This sale will end on April 30th, 2022 at 5PM SLT

ALL vendors for licenses have been set for the sale so no reason to contact me
**UNLESS** you have not received yours within 10 business days (Monday through Wednesday) or you have questions prior to purchasing 😁



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Win L$100,000! Please read :)

Win L$100,000!

Enter for a chance to win L$100,000! I wanted our first of this type of thing to be BIG so there will be only 1 winner & it could be YOU! The next ones we do will have multiple winners just FYI 🙂


-You *must* be a current customer even at the time of the drawing.
-The drawing ends TO BE DETERMINED & the winner will be drawn and announced the same day.

-IF people come, buy a stream to become a customer, ends up winning then clicks wont renew on their box…This will make me never want to run a contest like this again so please DON’T be an asshole by ruining it for everyone else.

-We would LOVE if you followed all of our socials & put our office into your PICKS tab to support us and help us grow BUT it isn’t required but would be greatly appreciated.

-To enter, click the RED fish bowl on the desk at our main office. Use any tab in my PICKS to get to the new main office area OR click —>

-I hold the right to update/change these requirements if I see fit.

Thank you! I love ALL ya faces!! *hugs*

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Sale Offers & Why I’m so far behind.

Full transparency: These sales are being done because I need a new computer & that is where the proceeds will be going. I’m to a point where it takes over an hour to just to see anything or move sometimes when I sign on or I have to try to login 3+ times to see anything/move … All I see is:

So I’m guessing this computer will not last much longer.

Besides the fact that I’m understaffed…This is another reason why it is taking me so long to do the work I am behind on and on top of trying to mix in doing hiring interviews (which I haven’t been able to get in the time) so I am SO sorry. If you wish to tip instead you can by paying any of the tip boards at the office. No obligation/pressure!


Get our RL radio plan for 70%ish off! Normally $19.99USD a month on sale for $60USD/a year ($5USD/a month)!

Unmetered Listeners
Unmetered Bandwidth
10GB of space / AutoDJ

Can pay in USD or L$ (L$16800).
Get our RL Lifetime License 10GB plan for $60USD (Normally $202.99USD) one time & $19.99USD/yearly support renewal with FREE premium support with this offer. 6 months renewal support included. Extra Space: $1.49USD/Mo/GB

Can pay in USD or L$ (L$16800).
Hostcrate Storage is now available! Get a 10% discount when putting L$300 upon renting a space for your servers/dropboxes automatically. Starting at only L$5/week!!
Turn any stream account into an Immortal Stream (never expires/no fees for as long as Hostcrate is in business) for only $100USD / L$28000. A savings of 50% plus all the savings from no renewal fees!! (Normal price is L$L$50,000/USD: $200.00). No spot limit but does expire soon.