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October 2021

Expired Sales

Halloween Special (2021)

Halloween Special
Expires: November 2nd, 2021

Get a VIP License for 50% off PLUS you can use this to upgrade your current regular stream AND transfer time over that you have already on your current regular stream (I *rarely ever offer this*)! You can only upgrade to the license that matches to your regular plan. Example: You have our Budget stream so you would only be able to upgrade to our Budge VIP License.

If you just want to get the 50% off for a new license, you can do that too! New license purchase will include1 week of support then small renewal fee applies thereafter.

Budget VIP license: L$1950 / $8.13 USD (half off) (L$40/week renewal)
Standard VIP license: L$3900 / $16.25 USD (half off) (L$108/week renewal)
5GB VIP License: L$5200 / $21.67 USD (half off) (L$88/week renewal)
10GB VIP license: L$6750 / $28.13 USD (half off) (L$138/week renewal)

We will accept L$ AND RL payments. If you would like to take advantage of this sale please contact me directly to redeem. Thank you!! –LustyLexxi Larimore

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General Post, Updates

A few announcements (Oct 2021)

A few announcements

1: Friendly reminder that November 9th, 2021 is approaching quickly. The Custom URL pricing will go into affect on this day. Read that info here.

2: If you have a club, we would love to visit your place and feature it on our new Tiktok, Facebook, Our site, AND in our group & it is a bonus if you are looking for incredible DJ’s for your staff. Please reach out by notecard including your SL Name, Landmark, the app if you are hiring, and your schedule on when you are having a party so I can visit 🙂 P.S.: We will be looking for DJ’s, performers, etc to feature as well soon! We are hoping to do something like a “Feature Friday” and/or “Shoutout Saturday”.

3: I have tried to keep it a secret to be a surprise for when it was completed. But, I can’t – I’m WAY too excited…Better late than never LOL! We have a whole new rental system coming. It is very much in the works. It will have an amazing feature to allow us to have a proper affiliate program to which you’ll be able to even check your sales! Best part is we will have a FREE version (10% intro commission, 5% after the intro) and a paid version (L$500 intro with 60% commission, L$1000 after intro). As soon as it is ready, I will announce the ability to get our affiliate program. With this said, we may even come out with a white label option where it is under your brand using our streams, to be determined.

4: Some of our current sales will be ending soon so please take advantage while they are still available. See all current sales we have going by clicking HERE.

5: Our fishbowl to win L$100k is still available, it is the red fishbowl at the office. The name drawer will be delayed BUT will still happen as soon as my RL is all cleared up. Please be sure to get yourself in there. Read details here.

6: We now have an unmetered plan. If you are running a radio station or a club and don’t want to worry about running out of listener slots, this is the plan to upgrade to. Read more info by clicking here.

7: New merch coming soon to our brand so if you do indeed love us over at Hostcrate, please feel free to support us this way as all sales go toward keeping the lights on at Hostcrate! Our Latest: — Our Store Link:

That is all the announcements we have for now.

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

General Post, Updates

Unmetered Plan Now Available!

Unmetered Plan
Tue, Oct 05 2021 8:42:06 PM PDT

Need unmetered listeners for your radio station? This plan comes with 20GB of space for your playlists to run your AutoDJ No Problem! We got you at an amazing rate!

Unmetered Plan:

Listeners Limit: Unmetered*
Bit Rate Limit: Up To 128 kbps
Web Based Control Panel: Included
Bandwidth: Umetered*
AutoDJ Included – 20GB OF SPACE
Bitrate: Up to 128
Price: L$1300/week – RL Payment: $19.99/mo
SL Pay Annually & Save 25%: SAVE L$16900 (With Discount: L$50700)
RL Pay Annually & Save 25%: SAVE $59.97 (With Discount: $179.91/yrly)

Please contact LustyLexxi Larimore inworld to grab this plan. Upgrading is available with a 30% discount on transfer of time you already have! Contact me directly to get this plan! This plan is by request and not openly available at this time.

*=Read terms of service & Unmetered Policy –

Unlimited/Unmetered Policy

Terms Of Service

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore