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January 2021

Expired Sales


Fri, Jan 29 2021 8:41:16 PM PST

Got a budget stream? Wanna save L$2836? Renew for 1 year for only L$2312 (Normally L$5148) or $9.00 USD (paypal invoice). Limited to only 5 spots! Contact me directly to redeem! Expires on Monday at 12PM SLT!

Thank you,
LustyLexxi Larimore

General Post

Today Only Sale

Today Only Sale
Wed, Jan 27 2021 12:55:55 PM PST

Renew 1 week, get 1 week free. Sale expires at 11:59PM SLT. Must use the 1 week pay option to be redeemed. Any plan. Let each transaction process before doing another. Can be combined with other offers. No refunds for any reason so please follow instructions above. If you have any questions, contact me.

Other Sales Offers:

Thank you

Expired Sales


As a lot of y’all know we got approved for an apartment – thankfully! I know I said there would be no sales until Easter but I also wasn’t expecting to be moving into an apartment…let me be fully transparent, this sale is being done so we can get furniture for our new home. My husband works extremely hard (60 hours or more a week) & will be covering the bills & move in costs as he always does (he is an incredible man). I want to run some sales to help with getting furniture asap because we have nothing as we have been on the road for just about 4 years from 1 hotel to another. All proceeds made during this time will go toward this.  *THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO TAKE ANY OF THE SALES – NEVER FEEL YOU HAVE TO EITHER* BUT please do take advantage of the offers if it benefits you! Also, on the 13th is my mom’s birthday (r.i.p.) so I included something special in her honor that I have never offered before. If you would like to sponsor something specific, just let me know OR if you would like to tip you can use any of the cash registers or the tips are appreciate signs to do so but *no obligation*. Remember, tips are split with my INCREDIBLE manager so you are showing love to her too which I thank you very much as she is an amazing gal who helps me so very much!!

Thank you!!

** To Redeem, please contact me directly **

** Sales may be added and/or removed. At this time there is NO expiration date but that may change. It will be updated here if it does **

1: Get 1 year of premium support (L$3900/yr) and get a FREE YEAR on us!

2: Upgrade any stream plan for 50% off. Includes licenses.

3: Get our RL Unmetered Listeners Plan 50% off & pay in L$. RL Plan is $16.99/mo USD – In SL: L$550/wk (L$2200/mo – $8.49USD/mo). A 4 Week mimimum for this sale then you can pay weekly thereafter if you’d like to. Cannot be combined with offer #2, sorry. Plan Includes:

4: Get our Lifetime License 10GB RL plan with Unmetered Listeners for 50% the RL price. Can be paid in L$. Regular Price: $202.99 / 50% OFF: $101.49 In L$: L$26,325. 1 year support included then the renewal for support will be in SL L$5185/year ($19.99USD/Yr). Cannot be combined with #2, sorry.

5: Renew 3 months, get 2 FREE! Any plan.

6: Renew 1 year, get 3 months FREE! Any plan.

7: In honor of my mom’s birthday on the 13th:
Get an Immortal Stream! First time ever offer. *Extremely limited (5 customers only)* An Immortal Stream will never expire – No more fees for as long as Hostcrate is in business! Can be paid in L$ or USD – L$50,000 L$38,495 / USD: $200.00. $149! Cannot be combined with any other offer (except #1). No refunds for time remaining if any. You can redeem this before or after the 13th.

Added Sales on 1/21/2021:

8: Renew 1 year, get 6 months free. Any plan.
9: Bring a friend (new customer only) & get whatever they purchase free. Example: They renew a month, you get a month free. Can only be redeemed once
10: Even lower pricing for sale #7!!!
11: Renew 2 years, get 1 free. Any plan.

General Post, Maintenance Notices

Next Scheduled Maintenance (January 2021)

Next Scheduled Maintenance
Mon, Jan 04 2021 7:49:03 PM PST

The next scheduled maintenance that will be performed on January 15th 2021 will take a bit longer because I have to update some software & such. This goes for both servers. The server may be rebooted a few times for the updates to be applied. You will be kept notified when the maintenance is completed on all of the platforms that we send notices at. If you have premium support, your stream will be started for you. Otherwise, you will need to log into your control panel & click start to stream.

Thank you