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October 2020

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! (discount!!) 2020 promo

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! (discount!!)
Sat, Oct 31 2020 12:42:20 PM PDT

Now until 3:00AM SLT, get 50% off when you pay at least L$99 for any rental you have. If successful, you’ll see this in local:

You have to pay at minimum L$99 or it won’t work. Please let each transaction finish before starting another. Expiration date is the only limit. No refunds for any reason, no exceptions.

We you a safe & happy Halloween!

TAG US on FB with what you’re doing/dressed as for Halloween

You’ll get 1 free week if you do! 😉

Expired Sales, General Post

Upgrade Sale: Lifetime Licenses – 2020 Sale

Please contact me directly to redeem!
This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, sorry.

Full Transparency: This sale is being done to raise funds for a few new additional servers AND a giveaway for the holidays. If no or not enough sales are done, I cannot do either (except the 1 server already in the works).

Upgrade Sale: Lifetime Licenses

You can upgrade your stream to a lifetime license for 50% OFF. This includes 50% off the price of the license AND 50% the time remaining renewal fee (unless price is more than renewal price in which case no refunds are given & time will just be transferred over as is – Example: regular budget plan to a lifetime license budget plan (L$99 to L$40 a week). BONUS: KEEP YOUR SAME PORT NUMBER (only your username will change)

OR you can upgrade to an RL license for 60% off plus transfer of all remaining time free and renewal fee will be $9.99 a year instead of the regular $19.99 a year PLUS KEEP YOUR SAME PORT NUMBER (only your username will change)

See our RL license prices:

Now until December 31st, 2020 at 11:59PM SLT
(or otherwise updated – i.e. no or limited sales made)

Please contact me directly to redeem!

General Post, Maintenance Notices

Terminations…Oct 7th, 2020

Wed, Oct 07 2020 4:31:51 PM PDT

I will be doing stream terminations of all accounts that are past our grace period. Please be sure if you wish to keep your stream with us that you are not overdue. The terminations will be done after the debate tonight (10:30PM EST / 7:30PM SLT) If you are unsure, please come and check. I will be unable to as I have a number of things to do (creating accounts for licenses for example) to catch up on.


Thank you

General Post

Please know that….

Please know that….
Wed, Oct 07 2020 3:57:10 AM PDT

Priscilla Follet no longer works at Hostcrate so please don’t bug her for customer service issues. She is still our friend though so be polite.

Thank you

Expired Sales, General Post

Halloween Shenanigans HAVE BEGUN!!! – Oct 2020

Halloween Shenanigans HAVE BEGUN!!!
Thu, Oct 01 2020 3:06:18 AM PDT

It has officially started – There are hidden decorations over at the sim that Hostcrate is on – Each one has a prize inside! We have started ROUND ONE … there are 10 decorations for y’all to find! Once they have been found/redeemed, we will begin another round. PLEASE READ THE HOW IT WORKS BELOW – These instructions are *important*


P.S.: All decorations are HALLOWEEN THEMED! 🙂