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July 2021

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Important: Please Read (July 2021)


I am going to make this very straight forward and to the point.

I am very much NOT ok in RL. I am struggling. Between my health issues that may cause me to have a miscarriage to the death of my RL friend from covid.

I am not doing ok. I have so much to deal with outside of SL all while trying to get as much work done as I possibly can in SL. I understand that if you have purchased a license or a custom URL or anything that you are waiting for me on that you may be frustrated from waiting. I am *not* proud or happy for the long wait times but my RL comes first – always. I have been working through the weekends which I never have done before to try to catch up on. I am only one person – I do not have a manager and I do not have any CSR’s currently.

I am *never* this late to deliver what customers purchase. This is the *first time* in my 13 years in business so please, I beg you, to give me a break and please understand I am under A LOT of stress which has brought on a deep depression to boot. I have lost a lot of incredibly close people in my life since 2019 including my mom that I am also very much struggling to deal with. I found out I was pregnant on July 15th and now may be having a miscarriage which I won’t know for sure for weeks until I have another ultrasound. I just had a close family friend literally die yesterday from covid.

I am just really in need of a bit of time to catch my breath. I *PROMISE* to deliver your purchases as soon as possibly. I am looking to have all purchases delivered by August 1st at the latest so please just let me to do my best to do my job as best I can during such a rough time in my life.

Thank you,
LustyLexxi Larimore

General Post, Updates

!!Very Important: My Absence!!


I hope you are all doing well. I am writing this post to inform everyone that I will be unavailable for a few days (possibly longer) because I am being hospitalized (to be scheduled for tomorrow, waiting for the call) for medical reasons for the primary safety of my pregnancy. I will not get into specifics as of right now but the medical professional said it could be a few days or longer depending upon how the issue is going and if it has become at a safe, manageable level. I will request to take my laptop but I’m not sure how that will go.

I will keep you posted as much as I can.

Thank you for understanding.

Maintenance Notices

Reboots Successful (July 2021)

Reboots Successful
Thu, Jul 15 2021 4:35:53 AM PDT

All servers have been rebooted successfully 🙂 I have turned on all radios & AutoDJs this morning because I’m on a time crunch for RL things to get done so this isnt the usual but I didn’t have time.

Thank you

Maintenance Notices

Reboot Reminder (July 2021)

Reboots for all servers will be performed on July 15th at 4AM SLT. If you have premium support, your stream will be started for you. If you don’t then you will have to log into your control panel & click start to begin broadcasting once again.

Note: Premium support will be on sale (new purchases only) for 24 hours (until tomorrow 7PM SLT) at half price. Ride to the vendor:

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

Server Maintenance Schedule

Expired Sales

Today’s Promo: Happy 4th of July (2021)

Today’s Promo: Happy 4th of July
Sun, Jul 04 2021 7:26:16 AM PDT

Today: you will be able to renew 1 week, get 1 free with the limit being a max of 10 years total on the rental box. *No need to contact me* Please let each transaction process before doing another. No refunds. Will expire at 11:59PM SLT. Can be combined with other offers.


Hope you all have a safe & happy 4th! Thank you-LustyLexxi Larimore

Expired Sales

4th of July (2021) Promotions

4th of July (2021) Promotions:
(Offers cannot be combined unless otherwise stated)

*** YOU MUST CONTACT ME TO REDEEM UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED *** *** There are no refunds for any of our services or sales ***

A: Buy 4 weeks & give 1 free week to 4 friends
(thank you to Nevada for the idea!!)

B: Purchase a club or radio plan for 50% off.

C: Purchase 1 stream, get 1 for a friend for a free 8 weeks!

D: Renew 1 year, get 6 months free.

E: Get an Immortal Stream! *Extremely limited (1 out of 5 spots remain)* An Immortal Stream will never expire – No more fees for as long as Hostcrate is in business! Can be paid in L$ or USD – 50% off (L$19,247/$80.00USD sale price. Cannot be combined with any other offer. No refunds for time remaining if any. Normally L$38,495/USD:$149! Contact me to redeem.

F: On the 4th, you will be able to renew 1 week, get 1 free with the limit being a max of 10 years total on the rental box. *No need to contact me* Please let each transaction process before doing another. Will expire at 11:59PM SLT. Can be combined with other offers.

G: Get premium support for 50% OFF (Regular L$300 a month – On Sale L$150 for a month). Can be combined with other offers. Get this offer & get 50% off email notifications for 3 months which are coming soon.

H: New Licenses will be 69% off (it’s my fav number, that’s why *giggles* Sale includes 1 week of support/space free. No need to contact me to redeem as the vendors are set at the sale pricing. There is a bit of a queue so the 72 hour wait is a bit longer please be patient.

That is all the sales as of right now. This page will be updated if there are any new ones added. If you have an idea please let me know so I can add them if they are reasonable, of course.