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Important: Please Read (July 2021)


I am going to make this very straight forward and to the point.

I am very much NOT ok in RL. I am struggling. Between my health issues that may cause me to have a miscarriage to the death of my RL friend from covid.

I am not doing ok. I have so much to deal with outside of SL all while trying to get as much work done as I possibly can in SL. I understand that if you have purchased a license or a custom URL or anything that you are waiting for me on that you may be frustrated from waiting. I am *not* proud or happy for the long wait times but my RL comes first – always. I have been working through the weekends which I never have done before to try to catch up on. I am only one person – I do not have a manager and I do not have any CSR’s currently.

I am *never* this late to deliver what customers purchase. This is the *first time* in my 13 years in business so please, I beg you, to give me a break and please understand I am under A LOT of stress which has brought on a deep depression to boot. I have lost a lot of incredibly close people in my life since 2019 including my mom that I am also very much struggling to deal with. I found out I was pregnant on July 15th and now may be having a miscarriage which I won’t know for sure for weeks until I have another ultrasound. I just had a close family friend literally die yesterday from covid.

I am just really in need of a bit of time to catch my breath. I *PROMISE* to deliver your purchases as soon as possibly. I am looking to have all purchases delivered by August 1st at the latest so please just let me to do my best to do my job as best I can during such a rough time in my life.

Thank you,
LustyLexxi Larimore

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