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Hey everyone! Just a few updates ๐Ÿ™‚

The office was redone – I’m so sorry…but kind of not regretting the change because the build is so beautiful! If you ever get lost please don’t hesitate to reach out to me & I’ll lead the way.

Our affiliate signage has been updated. I’ve sent personal messages & sent updated vendors to all those who has our affiliate vendors. If you’d like to be an affiliate, we have a FREE version with 5% commission and a PAID version with 45% commission. They are located on the back wall of where our reception desk is.

The yearly option is now available that includes a 20% discount. To be moved into the yearly option please reach out to me so I can update your stream account package. That is the only way I can do the switch.

We have an unmetered plan available with the following specs:

Unmetered Listeners
Up to 320kbps bit rate
AutoDJ Included
25GB Space Included
—-Pricing: L$750/week, L$28,800/yearly

This is less than $3.00USD per week give/take the L$ exchange rats & even less than that with yearly
so no, it isn’t expensive given what you’re getting just fyi ๐Ÿ™‚

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Immortal Streams (Availability Update)



We currently have 0 Immortal Stream spots available. Please read this post about the sale of them, what they are, etc.

Once these 9 Immortal Streams are taken, I will no longer be offering the Immortal Streams. They will be vaulted indefinitely. Why you may ask? Because they were only offered to give something different than any other company has ever done. To offer something to help lower someone’s cost in their Second Life because we all know how rough our 1st life can be. But as with all good things, they do eventually come to an end and so it is now just time for us to no longer offer this option. We appreciate those who love theirs and have supported us by snatching one. We truly hope you enjoy the no fees on your stream and that it makes your SLife better ๐Ÿ™‚

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Update Your Info: Server 242

Update Your Info
Thu, May 04 2023 6:30:09 PM PDT

If you were on server ending in 242, please make sure to update the URL’s for your stream(s) and the control panel URL.

For your stream, it will update to:

For your control panel, it will update to:

If still having trouble please reach out to me so I can help. Thank you –Lexxi

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CasperLET: Officially Clearing Data

CasperLET: Officially Clearing Data
Fri, Apr 14 2023 6:46:42 PM PDT

I am officially going to remove all data from the CasperLET website now that I have moved everything over. I kept it for a few months just in case I did mess something up or forgot someone somehow.

So….officially….YAY! We’re AWAY from those rental boxes!!! *hands out popcorn & candy*

Thank you ALL for your patience & understanding during the ups/downs. Your support means more than you’ll ever know!!! <33333 —Lexxi

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The Old Pricing

The old pricing has been put back into place. I hope everyone comes to understand where I was coming from in my pricing increase to begin with: to cover overhead & be able to make a living to be able to help with RL bills that takes care of my own family like a job should be doing. I have had a lot of heart to heart conversations since January after the increase took place and after I had lowered it again…I decided that I would put the old pricing back into place. I have clearly made a lot of those who relied on me upset and for that I really am sorry. I have cut things that aren’t necessary anymore to lower my overhead both inworld & in RL. Hopefully this upcoming beta will work out to finding a datacenter with a bit more affordability for their servers without compromising the service. I will be looking for help in staffing like a Customer Service Rep and possibly someone to assist in marketing to get our name out there soon.

To help I will look into marketing our RL services outside of SL to cover the lower pricing we have inworld. I will also sell/process L$ in more of a bulk fashion so that Linden Lab’s 10% fee doesn’t sting as much. I’m brainstorming other things we could do to offset the cost as well like putting more effort into our clothing store (ThinkLMAO) or switching that into a sticker store…I haven’t decided that just yet.

That is all. I hope you all had a great Easter. And I hope those who I have upset will forgive me for the increasing of pricing. Thank you all for listening.

L$99/wk Budget Plan
L$150/wk Intro Plan
L$250/wk Radio Plan
L$375/wk Club Plan

L$40/wk VIP Budget License
L$65/wk VIP 1GB License
(this use to be the standard license that was L$108/wk, its now the 1gb license for cheaper)
L$88/wk VIP 5GB License
L$138/wk VIP 10GB License

Thank you โ€“Lexxi

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Excuse our mess

Excuse our mess
Sat, Oct 01 2022 2:57:21 PM PDT

Excuse our mess as I move rental boxes onto new land & under an alt so the website isn’t a hot mess. If you need a TP to your rental box please feel free to ask me ๐Ÿ™‚ I can do that for you no problem. If you are overdue on your stream or hit won’t renew on your rental, I will be doing terminations on & off during the week.

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

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Early Access Updates


I was given an early access update to the control panel software that we use which requires me to run an update. This shouldn’t affect streaming services as it should just be adding features to the software. But to be on the safe side, I will do this at 4AM SLT (7AM EST) tomorrow Thursday August 4th, 2022.

Per the developers the following features will be added:

  1. Shoutcast v2.6 update to DNAS 2.6.1 (Build 777)
  2. Shoutcast v2.6 will now use the same standart port of the radio with SSL. So if there is a scv26 radio on port 8002, https and http will work on the same port 8002
  3. Custom SSL Play ID
  4. Fix for icecast statistics problems.
  5. Auto SSL Renewal Fix
  6. SMTP Username allowed for SMTP settings
  7. Youtube and Facebook features. << client side SonicPanel Left Menu << can be disabled/enabled by the radio packages on your root panel, it is hidden on the left menu unless you enable the social stream with your root packages.
  8. Mount Points << client side SonicPanel Left Menu << can be disabled/enabled by the radio packages on your root panel
  9. Domains/SSL Certificates (Multiple Domain) << Root and Resellers
  10. Shared Playlists (Root User on the left menu)
  11. HTML Codes (Widgets) < copy paste html codes for websites << client side SonicPanel Left Menu
  12. JSON Output (PHP-API) A php API to be used from external websites etc. << client side SonicPanel Left Menu
  13. Now your resellers can add their own domains, you can also add domains from your root panel, on the left menu by the link Domains/SSL Certificates link. Then you can assign the domain to any radio on the Domains/SSL Certificates page or with your radio packages you can use any domain. You can also assign the same domain to multiple radios and the domain will show up on the clients SonicPanel.
  14. NOTICE: This update requires your users to click on save button for once under the manage autodj page of their SonicPanel on the left menu. Otherwise, the scheduled playlists will not work until this action is complete by the user. So you should send an email to your all clients and inform them.


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No Reboot This Month

No Reboot This Month
Mon, Jun 13 2022 5:34:04 PM PDT

No server reboots will be performed this month. I am still awaiting for my ticket to be updated by Casper, the creator of the rental system we use, on a fix to the issue we have encountered. I will send an update as soon as he gets back to me.

Thank you for your patience & understanding,
–LustyLexxi Larimore

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Unexpected Maintenance (Fixing Issues)

ALL FIXED – The URL hasn’t changed yet…I will change this later on once I am given the proper steps and probably during the reboots next month.


Unexpected Maintenance
Fri, May 27 2022 12:35:03 PM PDT


I sincerely apologize in advance. If you are on server IP with the login of please bear with me while I re-do the login page. It will be reconstructed to be … this shouldn’t affect streaming itself but you won’t be able to login until I have finished this process.

Thank you in advance!
–LustyLexxi Larimore

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DON’T PANIC! — A little bit of re-arranging :)

Mon, May 23 2022 8:20:43 PM PDT

I will be working on re-arranging the rental boxes. Don’t panic, you can use the Payment Terminal at the office to renew at anytime while I’m in the process of doing this. Just wanted to give you a heads up because it may take me a bit of time while I am still doing other important things at the same time like creating sold licenses and putting up rentals for rent.

thank you in advance! Love ya faces <3
–LustyLexxi Larimore