To make sure you are speaking with official staff members at Hostcrate, below is the list of those who work here. Be very careful about subtle misspellings of these names.

Official staff may request your stream details notecard when assisting you – <font=”red”>IF YOU ARE UNSURE please send a direct message to LustyLexxi Larimore (secondlife:///app/agent/e0a79cb6-b556-43be-b185-e2fda86765bf/about) or email her direct at with the subject “official staff”

Support avatars

KalminSoulfire Resident — Manager

Mysticq Resident — Customer Service Rep

Twylabear Resident — Customer Service Rep / Stream Team

Company Avatars

These are NOT accounts used as support so messages will be lost

Hostcrate Classito — Company Bot/Inviter

Hostcrate Resident — Company Business Account

Moderators group chat avatars

They will be monitoring chat for any misbehavior and can also direct you in the right direction for assistance if no one is online from our staff for customer service or management.

brii5542 Resident
Alicat0821 Resident

This page is kept up to date.