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Reseller Accounts: Coming Soon

I have a lot going on as a business owner BUT we have been asked for years about an affiliate program. I tried it but I just don’t have the time to chase people around & the dealing with those who return rental boxes (which use to ERASE the data of the renter) was an absolute nightmare! So instead of an affiliate program, we will have a reseller program which you can sell streams under your own brand!

As a reseller:

  • You’ll be able to sell the streams that we sell with the amazing uptime we get with our datacenters without the worry of administrating an actual server yourself!
  • A flat pricing structure! We charge a flat reseller fee each month, that’s it!
  • Set your own pricing for the streams you sell!
  • Each reseller has their own server. You are *not sharing* with our customers nor with other resellers!
  • You must agree to & follow all of our policies or you’ll lose your account without refund so please read them *BEFORE* making this purchase!

Stay tuned by subscribing to our subscriber kiosk inworld or on our actual news web page at

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Charity (Inworld) Donations


Per our charity signs: we have now donated what was give in L$ to the donation boards at our office. I would like to give a special THANK YOU to all of those who donated. I am, unfortunately, unable to give proper naming credits because the creator of the boards I use has closed up their web tools so I cannot see the data any longer. (

Be kind, give back, pay it forward. People around the world could use a helping hand whether it means volunteering, donating your hard earned money, or giving food/clothes/etc to places in need.
Total Amount in L$: L$960
Each board’s total was L$320
Date Donations Given: November 21, 2020
We donated $5.00 USD to each charity as the total amount was not enough to take out of world as it would have been US$ 3.72 minus 5% for Linden Lab’s fee so I used what I had in my Paypal account for the donations with $5.00 USD going to each charity. I have screen shots for proof of each donations as provided below.

All Hands and Hearts

Midwest Food Bank

Toys for Tots

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Quick Question….About Games….

Quick Question…
Wed, Dec 18 2019 11:02:13 PM PST

Hey there….I posted a quick question to our facebook page which would get you TWO FREE WEEKS on your stream if you answer IN THE COMMENTS on the post itself please …no IM’s or in the group will count etc, only in the facebook post’s comment section…..Thank you in advance

Direct to the post:

Thank you

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Do you need web hosting separate from your shoutcast stream?

If you are a customer of Hostcrate then you are very much aware that we have separated our Shoutcast Streaming Services from our billing website including this website so if ever our servers were to go down for whatever the reason may be, we would be able to still communicate with you – outside of social media – and keep everyone up to date on what was going on all at once. This, in my own opinion is a smart business idea in itself.

After searching, comparing, and trying out A LOT of providers throughout 2017. Then trying a set of providers that I thought were a good fit among one another in 2018, I decided on one finally on July 18th, 2018. In a few short months, we will have been with them for a year officially.

Even though Hostcrate does offer web hosting services, we do recommend to always have a backup account/plan somewhere. Not to be used as a backup service but just in case a disaster does happen to have another website to communicate with – outside of social media – as we all are aware that technology is not perfect so take steps in prevention rather than taking care of it after the fact. We even recommend having a stream backup as you just never know. Hopefully that makes sense.

Anywho, we decided to go with MDDHosting. Their services were fast so our website’s page load time was amazing and that is essential for Hostcrate especially when we have people outside the United States who access our website. The best part though is their quick response time with customer support. As most of you are well aware, I am quite the stickler to getting quality customer service. I despise the cut and paste canned responses from companies. It drives me completely bonkers to receive a canned response. MDDHosting DIDN’T do that!!! They are real people who actually read what you have submitted and respond appropriately.

To top this off, they had an issue a few months back that caused a severe outage by a mistake that one of their server administrators had made. Yes, our website was down for a bit of time. BUT the manner in which had handled the situation is why we are still with them today.

  • They sent out an email.
  • They made it clear on what happened.
  • They worked as had as they could to restore services.
  • They made a plan to prevent this type of issue in the future.

THAT is why we stayed. THAT is why I believe in their company. THAT is why I am creating this post and promoting their services because THAT is how a provider is suppose to act when something goes wrong. I decide to become an affiliate for them and the links above are affiliate links so Hostcrate would get a commission if you decide to make a purchase but don’t get that twisted because from this situation, having their quality services, with amazing customer service is the reason as to why I support them 100%. I will **NEVER** promote a company that I don’t believe in.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this post. I appreciate each and every one of you that is supporting Hostcrate because without you, I wouldn’t have this amazing job that I absolutely LOVE!!!

Thank you,