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Win L$100,000! Please read :)

Win L$100,000!

Enter for a chance to win L$100,000! I wanted our first of this type of thing to be BIG so there will be only 1 winner & it could be YOU! The next ones we do will have multiple winners just FYI 🙂


-You *must* be a current customer even at the time of the drawing.
-The drawing ends TO BE DETERMINED & the winner will be drawn and announced the same day.

-IF people come, buy a stream to become a customer, ends up winning then clicks wont renew on their box…This will make me never want to run a contest like this again so please DON’T be an asshole by ruining it for everyone else.

-We would LOVE if you followed all of our socials & put our office into your PICKS tab to support us and help us grow BUT it isn’t required but would be greatly appreciated.

-To enter, click the RED fish bowl on the desk at our main office. Use any tab in my PICKS to get to the new main office area OR click —>

-I hold the right to update/change these requirements if I see fit.

Thank you! I love ALL ya faces!! *hugs*