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December 2019

General Post

Please read: Important

Jan 1st thru 6th 2020, I will be offline. I will come on to prevent SL capping but I will essentially be unavailable. This is an extremely hard time for me with the 1 year anniversary of my mom’s death so I am not in a very good headspace and I honestly need to take a break for my mental heath. Please understand that I will not be ignoring anyone….I will be forwarding any issues to my staff to assist you in my absence. I will handle any server issues there may be and this will only be a temporary leave on my part. I apologize in advance.

Thank you for understanding and your patience with me.

–LustyLexxi Larimore

Expired Sales

Christmas Specials 2019

TO REDEEM, CONTACT ME DIRECTLY BY EMAIL ( include your SL username and Stream URL, SECOND LIFE DIRECT MESSAGE, OR NOTECARD. NO OTHER WAY WILL BE ACCEPTED. DO NOT PAY ANY RENTAL BEFORE CONTACTING ME. There will be No refunds especially if you fail to follow the instructions. All may be combined.

#1: The Time For Giving
– Donate a month to any of the charities at the office, get 1 month free on your stream. One Month Limit.

#2: The Time For Sharing
– Pay for a friend’s stream, get the same amount paid added to yours free – Up to 3 years. ONE PER CUSTOMER.

#3: The time to be kind
– Purchase a stream for a new customer, get that same time added to your stream. One Per customer.

#4: The time to spread happiness
– We will have a Party Sploder Dynamite with Donation Feature at the office that will give a random amount of L$ to avatars at a ever changing time (could be every 60 minutes one day to every 15 the next). You can spread a bit of L$ by adding in donations only if you want to. It will NOT affect chances of winning & is completely optional so you don’t have to do so to win. Must have group tag on – No need to contact me for this 🙂

#5: The time to show some love
– Purchase anything from our store(s) to get 25% reoccuring discount through March 15th, 2020 on your stream rental or join our Patreon and get a reoccuring 10% off (PLUS Patreon rewards) your stream rental for as long as you are a Patreon

Proof of purchase will be requested & required to redeem.


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Quick Question….About Games….

Quick Question…
Wed, Dec 18 2019 11:02:13 PM PST

Hey there….I posted a quick question to our facebook page which would get you TWO FREE WEEKS on your stream if you answer IN THE COMMENTS on the post itself please …no IM’s or in the group will count etc, only in the facebook post’s comment section…..Thank you in advance

Direct to the post:

Thank you

General Post

Keeping Hostcrate in business

Hey There! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read what I have to say – I appreciate it so very much!

With all the changes that have happened this year in 2019, it has been quite the journey to say the least. From Second Life increasing their processing fees by double to the Cpanel company increasing their pricing AND tacking on a per account fee … to the most heartbreaking things to happen to me in my personal life with the death of my mom on 1/5/2019 to the death of someone I thought of as my sister, Sage, on 8/9/2019. This year has been a rocky roller coaster.

We’re looking ahead though for 2020. I’m creating this post to have a go to to those who ask me about how they can support me, and support Hostcrate which has been around since 2008 and that is my heart, blood, sweat, and tears! I have listed below all the things you can do if you would like to support us.

-Purchase/Renew your streams

-Bring a friend/coworker/etc to us

-Become a Patron on Patreon – You can help us reach our goals

-Purchase our merch – Allow me to share a picture of you wearing it & get a free week of service! Sales goes back into Hostcrate (Hostcrate logo merch) (Our Funny merch brand)

-Share your experience on our Facebook Page

-Tip our staff members

-Become a RL customer: contact me for pricing

-Upgrade/purchase a new lifetime license

-Take advantage of our promotions

Those are what can help us stay in business. I will add further if there is anything else I can think of.

Without YOU, we wouldn’t be around so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!
–LustyLexxi Larimore

General Post


Mon, Dec 16 2019 12:42:32 PM PST

Hey there! I will be performing stream terminations every Monday, Wednesday, & sometimes Friday. IF you are overdue by any amount of time, you risk losing your stream so please pay attention to the time left on your rental. For non-license accounts, we will NOT reopen your box or recreate that account as that defeats the point behind our lifetime licenses. I will begin stream terminations in about 10 minutes. Come by & check your account if you aren’t sure:

General Post, Maintenance Notices

UPDATED: Scheduled Reboot at 5PM (PST TIMEZONE)

Reboots Completed
Mon, Dec 09 2019 5:04:18 PM PST

The servers have been rebooted. Premium support streams are being turned on. If you don’t have premium support, you MUST log into your control panel (DONT COPY/PASTE) & click the green button to turn your stream back on.

How To:

Reboot Schedule:

Thank you

Scheduled Reboot at 5PM
Mon, Dec 09 2019 3:25:32 PM PST

I will be rebooting both servers at 5PM SLT (PST). Typically this is the reboot day (2nd Monday of the month) for server ending in 242 BUT I missed last weeks reboot for server 147 due to RL so I will be doing that reboot today as well. If you have premium support your stream will be turned on for you just be patient. If you don’t, you have to login to your control panel & click the green start button – Tutorial:

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

Expired Sales

Pay a year, get 6 months FREE

Any plan. New & Existing customers. Contact me directly to redeem by IM, Notecard, or email. DON’T pay your rental box before contacting me or the deal will be voided. Ends December 22nd, 2019. You can give this as a gift to a friend as well if you’d like to 🙂

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

General Post

Update about the rental boxes

Fri, Dec 13 2019 2:41:43 AM PST

Today, I created a short how to video on finding your rental box. I sincerely hope that this helps. Thank you for your patience!

The video can be watched at:

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore


Hello everyone. I have now learned that the creator of the system we use to allow you to find your box has passed away in RL. There is no news on what may happen to his business as of yet but the support rep that was close to and is working as a rep still has passed on the message that we need an update hud to be able to update the locations of all the rental boxes so no one is TP’d to their old box location. Please be patient as in the meantime while we wait to get that hud…I will be personally sending out a notecard that will include your new box location then you’ll be able to create a landmark from that. I will be going in alphabetical order. This may take a few days or so.

A huge thank you to Mysti Nowles, the support rep for helping!

From all of us at Hostcrate – both staff & customers – Rest in peace Darrius Gothly!

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore