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June 2020

General Post

Grace Periods in SL – Terms of service Updated

Grace Periods have been added to our services. They are as follows:


DIRECT ANY QUESTIONS TO LustyLexxi Larimore. Staff cannot answer TOS questions.

Suspension/Termination Policy
As of June 26th, 2020, we now have a small grace period as follows:

-Regular streams: 2 day grace period then it will be removed without further notice.

-Lifetime Licenses: 3 day grace period then it will be removed without further notice.

-Premium Support: If you have premium support and your stream rental becomes overdue/removed, your premium support will NOT be put on hold. However, you can put your premium support onto another account at anytime given it has time remaining.

When you rental reaches the above grace periods, you risk losing your account. ALL regular streams are recycled once the account is terminated. IF you have a Lifetime (VIP) Licenses, you can reactivate your license at anytime using the appropriate reactivation vendor for the license plan you paid for initially. If you’re unsure of which license you have, contact us! Staff does terminations/suspensions multiple times during the week. It is NOT our responsibility to contact you when you are in late status, the rental box sends out notices via local chat AND direct from our bot (Hostcrate Classito). You can also click on your box to find out your remaining time.


Thank you

General Post, Maintenance Notices

Upcoming Maintenance in July 2020

As usual, we do reboots every 1st & 2nd Monday of each month. The next reboots that are scheduled will take a tad bit longer because I am doing a few tweaks/updates. It shouldn’t take that long at all but if it does, I will send out notification via OUR DISCORD GROUP so please add yourself to it as this will be the EASIEST & FASTEST way for me to immediately update you with this upcoming reboots. I will send out notice after the reboot has finished to all other of our sources of communication (Facebook Page, Subscriber Kiosk inworld, inworld group notice, etc)

Here is the Discord Group Link. Once added, please messaged inworld AND on Discord to be verified as a customer:

The next reboots are:

Server ending in 147 will be rebooted on Monday, July 6th, 2020 at 5PM SLT

Server ending in 242 will be rebooted on Monday, July 13th, 2020 at 5PM SLT

Side Notes:

  • We will be releasing new sales on July 4th, 2020. I am considering a video format for this post as well to help them be less confusing. If you have any suggestions at all, please send them my way! Sales ideas are sometimes difficult to come up with.
  • After my short week hiatus, I have decided to have a side hobby-like project to help the stress & [un]diagnosed depression I’m struggling with in my life which caused me to take that break. With this project I am looking for writers. Serious applicants only. This is a paid position. If you’re interested & experienced…Applications are located at: (copy/paste in SL)
  • We are in conversation with our datacenter looking into another server. We may need time to figure things out in the backend and we may request help from customers to give it a good ol’ test run. We are also looking at other datacenters for backup stream services. It is difficult to find the same high quality that we currently have with our datacenter at other datacenters. We’ve been with numerous disastrous places or had horrible pre-sales conversations with so I am quite picky – I apologize but I want NOTHING but the absolute best in server quality, network quality, and customer service – there is no exceptions.
  • I’m also spending my time writing a book of sorts. I have been asked for years & years: how I started Hostcrate, How do I start this kind of business, where do I get servers from, how do I get cheaper prices…so on, so forth so I’m writing it all down. It’s more-so a guide than a book in my eyes. I never thought I would release this kind of information but writing seriously helps me lower my stress levels so with this project and the food niche website project, I am seriously hoping to lower my stress and help decrease the depression that I endure everyday … specifically from the loss of my mom in January 2019 – I don’t discuss this much but I’m definitely NOT over it. I try not to spit out my insignificant personal issues especially with so many others in the world who are having a much more difficult time in life than my minuscule problems.With all that said, that is it for this update. I KNOW, I write long ones. I’m so sorry. I seriously love to write and it helps me when I do so. But I understand if you couldn’t make it through all of this post! BUT if you happened to of made it to the end, I applaud you with a week free – Just send me a message in world saying “Read it” to claim 🙂 Thank you for listening…err…reading.


General Post

I’m back / Updates

I’m back / Updates

Hiya! I am officially back from my short hiatus. Thank you for allowing me to escape and breathe. I appreciate it very much!

We have some updates coming shortly.

1: We will integrate a grace period inworld for streams. We know the world is in rough shape right now & sometimes you need a little extra wiggle room.

2: Our website,, is getting a long overdue makeover.

3: We’re putting in proper support areas in each of the rental box locations just in case you need help. We will also be posting about tipping staff & how to do that because they work their butts off so they deserve some L$/$ love…and coffee!

4: We will be offering Semi-Dedicated Streams. What does this mean? It means that these servers will have a strict hard limit on the number of accounts on the server. Example: Server PURPLE will have a hard limit of only 50 stream accounts, period.

5: We will be ordering more servers over the next few months.

6: We are looking into backup streams if ever there is an issue so no one is left without their streaming services from us. This may or may not be included. This will depend on the pricing of these servers as they will be at a different datacenter altogether & strictly available if ever our main datacenter goes down.

7: July 4th we will be releasing new sale offers. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

8: I am currently working on a How To Guide for starting a shoutcast business….something I never thought I would do but I have been asked a million times by people over the years so I have finally broke down & decided to write how to.

9: We’re working so hard to get Hostcrate verified on Facebook (a blue badge) but we need your help. Interaction with our page helps greatly…Searching for our page, liking our page and posts, leaving comments, leaving reviews so on & so forth really helps. We were informed having articles written about us helps?..Anyone know that to be true? Let me know!

That is all the updates for now! Thank you again so much for all of your support! Allowing me a much needed break meant the world to me! Without you, we would be nothing and I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to each one of you who makes Hostcrate what it is! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

General Post

My Absence

I am officially back – With updates.

My Absence
Wed, Jun 10 2020 7:00:36 AM PDT

I will be taking this week off for personal reasons that I do not want to discuss. I will return on June 18th (that is the plan). I will create licenses that are in queue before I leave. All messages sent to me will be directed to my staff. If there is anything they can’t fix, it may take me a bit to do so I apologize in advance. I really *need* this break so please understand. I will do my best to return on the 18th but understand that I will take more time if it is necessary.

Staff has direct contact with me if needed so don’t worry as everything with our streaming services will run as normal.

Thank you