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UPDATED: Scheduled Reboot at 5PM (PST TIMEZONE)

Reboots Completed
Mon, Dec 09 2019 5:04:18 PM PST

The servers have been rebooted. Premium support streams are being turned on. If you don’t have premium support, you MUST log into your control panel (DONT COPY/PASTE) & click the green button to turn your stream back on.

How To:

Reboot Schedule:

Thank you

Scheduled Reboot at 5PM
Mon, Dec 09 2019 3:25:32 PM PST

I will be rebooting both servers at 5PM SLT (PST). Typically this is the reboot day (2nd Monday of the month) for server ending in 242 BUT I missed last weeks reboot for server 147 due to RL so I will be doing that reboot today as well. If you have premium support your stream will be turned on for you just be patient. If you don’t, you have to login to your control panel & click the green start button – Tutorial:

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

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