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Per our charity signs: we have now donated what was give in L$ to the donation boards at our office. I would like to give a special THANK YOU to all of those who donated. I am, unfortunately, unable to give proper naming credits because the creator of the boards I use has closed up their web tools so I cannot see the data any longer. (

Be kind, give back, pay it forward. People around the world could use a helping hand whether it means volunteering, donating your hard earned money, or giving food/clothes/etc to places in need.
Total Amount in L$: L$960
Each board’s total was L$320
Date Donations Given: November 21, 2020
We donated $5.00 USD to each charity as the total amount was not enough to take out of world as it would have been US$ 3.72 minus 5% for Linden Lab’s fee so I used what I had in my Paypal account for the donations with $5.00 USD going to each charity. I have screen shots for proof of each donations as provided below.

All Hands and Hearts

Midwest Food Bank

Toys for Tots

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