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Halloween Special (2021)

Halloween Special
Expires: November 2nd, 2021

Get a VIP License for 50% off PLUS you can use this to upgrade your current regular stream AND transfer time over that you have already on your current regular stream (I *rarely ever offer this*)! You can only upgrade to the license that matches to your regular plan. Example: You have our Budget stream so you would only be able to upgrade to our Budge VIP License.

If you just want to get the 50% off for a new license, you can do that too! New license purchase will include1 week of support then small renewal fee applies thereafter.

Budget VIP license: L$1950 / $8.13 USD (half off) (L$40/week renewal)
Standard VIP license: L$3900 / $16.25 USD (half off) (L$108/week renewal)
5GB VIP License: L$5200 / $21.67 USD (half off) (L$88/week renewal)
10GB VIP license: L$6750 / $28.13 USD (half off) (L$138/week renewal)

We will accept L$ AND RL payments. If you would like to take advantage of this sale please contact me directly to redeem. Thank you!! –LustyLexxi Larimore

Check out our other sales: https://news.hostcrate.stream/2021/09/upcoming-holiday-sales-sept-2021-jan-2022/


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