Upgrades (SL)

We’ve changed our policy on Upgrades. Effective 7/31/2020. Revised to reflect pricing change on November 17th, 2023.

Hey there! There was a lot to share so I wrote it all out on our news page, here is the link:


For years, we have had a policy that we didn’t upgrade our regular streams – you would just wait until your current time ran out and purchased a stream under the new plan you wanted. We have now changed that.

If you would like to upgrade from a regular stream to another regular stream (Regular streams are all the plans that *ARE NOT* the licenses). Here is how it works with upgrades.

1: You will have to pay the difference between the plan you are on to the plan you wish to upgrade to with the time you currently have remaining.

Example: You currently have a budget stream with 1 month remaining which is L$300 a week. You want the club plan which is L$900 a week. Subtract the difference 900 – 300 = 600 now multiple that by the number of weeks remaining which would be 4 in this case (1 month remaining) which would be L$2400. That would be considered the upgrade fee.

2: There is a custom port fee which would be an additional L$300 – NON-REFUNDABLE)

So the total to upgrade this example would be L$2400 + L$300 = L$2700.

3: You can downgrade but no refund will be given & you will lose the custom port and any time you have remaining will NOT transfer over. To downgrade, you will just purchase the plan you want to downgrade is all & receive new stream details.

4: To make it easier, your info won’t change. And we will just place your account under the new plan in our back end systems.

5: The only person who can do upgrades is LustyLexxi Larimore so please do not contact support for this as they will be unable to do so.

6: Upgrades may take up to 1 week or more to complete. It will depend on the demand and the time I have available. Please be patient as you will be notified by IM/Notecard.

7: To get an upgrade, please leave me a message with your SL avatar username (no display name), your current stream notecard and the plan you wish to upgrade to in a notecard & drop it inside the mailbox at the main office

8: These policies may change at anytime without notice.