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Update to: Important Changes at Hostcrate

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Hello again everyone,

With the previous notification, I apologize I wasn’t able to get the notice out about the rest of the information as I had promised. This change has been quite a huge weight on my shoulders and not everyone has been so understanding so I greatly apologize.

Lifetime Licenses will have the following price change with the support fees:

Budget Lifetime License Renewal Support Fee will go from L$12 to L$40 a week

Lifetime License Standard Renewal Support Fee will go from L$80 = L$108 a week

Lifetime License 5GB Renewal Support Fee will go from L$60 to L$88 a week

Lifetime License 10GB Renewal Support Fee will go from L$110 = L$138 a week

Pricing will take affect on October 14th, 2019. We will continue to have licenses for sale at this time with the current prices set but that may change. We will keep you informed if we decide to no longer sell licenses. If you have a license, you will continue to have a license which will work the same as before the price changes. We can no longer keep grandfathered in pricing meaning all fees will be at the current rate. You WON’T lose the time on your account and will NOT have to back pay either for the time you have.

I’m very sorry to each and everyone that I have to increase prices at Hostcrate. I have no choice because the expenses to keep Hostcrate around in Second Life are not cheap as you can see just by the server payment alone. There are other expenses outside of those fees: Linden Lab Fees to process credits from L$ to US Dollars are 3.5% PLUS 5%. Land Tier at L$6400/week, Software to run streams & billing to take payments from SL customers out of world $15.40/month, Smartbots to automate our bot L$479/week, paying staff salary & commissions so on & so forth. Running a business inworld doesn’t make it any cheaper out of world though I wish that were the case.

I have NEVER, EVER shared such financial information but I must be 100000000% transparent in order to inform customers that the price increases are NOT to benefit me in any manner as I am not still in business because of money but because I absolutely LOVE what I do and I love our customers…if money were the case, we wouldn’t of been in SL a long time ago because I don’t, quite frankly, earn a lot of income on running Hostcrate and haven’t for a long time. I may be able to pay for a coffee or lunch with my husband ever so often but the point of Hostcrate from the beginning was to bring affordable prices for customers inworld to be able to focus more on what they do inworld which is bringing the joy of music and performances to people who may not be having such a great life outside of SL. That was the entire point of coming into Second Life and still is 11 years later.

I am grateful to those who read the first notice and were so understanding. I am grateful to everyone who has had nothing but nice things to say to me since the changes. You have no idea how much all of that meant and got me through the heartache of bringing such bad news and disappointing customers. Thank you very, very much!!! Your kindness is immensely appreciated!!

–Thank you,
LustyLexxi Larimore

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