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Today’s Reboots: Complete

At 5pm SLT today, our scheduled reboots were completed. On January 6th, a notice was sent that the server 147 reboot was rescheduled for today so both servers were done. If you don’t have premium support, you must log into your control panel and click the green start button. Don’t forget to type in your information and never copy/paste. If you have premium support services, your stream has been started for you.

We do our very best to keep everyone informed by having multiple ways of checking from in Second Life group notices, inworld kiosk, our facebook page, and to this website. I do my best to send out reminder notices as well just in case anyone may have forgotten the maintenance schedule. I’m not sure how else to keep everyone informed so if there is another idea you wish for us to add please reach out to me directly with your suggestion. We never want anyone to feel left in the dark and that is the reason this website exists and all of the other options.

Thank you!

Scheduled Maintenance:


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