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UPDATE: Google Chrome (SSL -https- ) radio players not working?

We are aware that the radio players are not working when you are using SSL (https) on your stream page/control panel page. The software we use is not supporting the SSL on radios now especially when using Google Chrome. The developers have now released a [beta] version of their software that does support SSL on all radios. We say the word beta because it does not support subdomains (at this time but they are in discussion of adding the feature at some point). so with this software we will be unable to offer a custom URL (subdomains). The software is still in the testing stages so if there is any bugs or issues, we’d like to be able to report those before using the software for live streams.

We will be getting a dedicated server to running their stand alone software version within a month or two. We will be offering those in our beta testing group the opportunity to test out these streams before we completely commit to this software for streams going forward.


Another note is the server ending in 242 will be rebooted Monday April 13th, 2020 at 5PM SLT. If you don’t have premium support then you *will* have to turn on your stream using your control panel. Here is a tutorial on how to do that:

Need help finding your rental box? Here is a tutorial on that as well:

That is all there is to report as of now. Thank you!


QUESTION: so til the beta is out ill still have issues streaming wiht the streams
ANSWER: It doesn’t affect streaming itself – it affects the radio players when you go to your stream URL on google chrome when the webpage is on https. Example: http://ipaddress:port will not break the player but https:.//ipaddress:port will not play on the page or not load on Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the only browser as of right now that has that result. No other browser has been reported to be affected.

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