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Reboot Reminder & Premium Sale

As most know we do scheduled server maintenance every 1st AND 2nd of each month which includes server reboots. The next reboot will be on 6/1/2020 at 5PM SLT AND 6/8/2020 at 5PM SLT. If you’d like your stream(s) started for you, get premium support which is now 50% the yearly option (Regular L$3900, SALE PRICE L$1950). Please contact me directly to redeem. I will set the vendor on sale for you to purchase. New or existing streams. Premium support is per a stream you wish to be started. If you have 2 streams you want started, it would be the sale price for both (L$1950 times 2), etc.

Please know that we do server reboots to keep the servers healthy. We put in a specific scheduled time frame which is the 1st AND 2nd Monday at 5PM SLT each month so everyone knows it is coming and to be prepared to start your stream afterwards if they don’t have premium support service. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do scheduled maintenance without interrupting anyone as customers are all around the world with different timezones. Scheduled maintenance is not just server reboots – it also includes any server tweaks or updates necessary.

We also keep you informed if something goes wrong or takes longer by our Facebook page, Discord group, Inworld Group Notice, Inworld Notice Subscriber Kiosk, and this website. Please be sure to check these if you are unsure and you can also contact staff if you need to as that is what we are here for. Even if staff is offline, you can leave a message, a notecard, send a message via our Discord group, take advantage of the live chat option (leave us a message if offline) so we can help. I do personally receive emails everyday at 12PM SLT of the group chat and do reach out to anyone who may requested help via the group chat. Please be patient if we aren’t available because we are human and do have life outside the computer screen. I promise that we do our very best so never hesitate to contact us.

Thank you

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