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Exciting Updates at Hostcrate!

A few exciting updates!

All rental boxes have been moved over to the new place. However, I am still in the process of arranging them so the landing point of your SL URL to your rental(s) may be a little off. You can use the Make A Payment sign to quickly pay your rental until I have arranged all the boxes properly if you wish not to go on a find & seek adventure ;). The payment sign is at the new location so no need to use the old place anymore. I am still settling things up so please be patient as we will have a directory to everything to make navigating the new place much easier. IF you need help please don’t hesitate contacting a staff member.

We will have shops including DJ equipment like Tip Jars, etc and a clothing store. Making purchases at these shops will help to keep us around. If you would like to have a shop of your own at our main office, we will have that option available soon! We will also have adboards if you wish to advertise that way (your club, main store, etc). If you already have an adboard, don’t worry as they will be moved over asap.

Here is the NEW LOCATION:

Be sure to make a landmark of it & update your PICKS if you have us in there!

The new server and control panel update:

So far, so good! We are still in beta and customers are so far enjoying the experience. If you are interested in joining the beta testing please reach out to me so I can add ya on! The requirements are: You have to have Discord, you have to be an active participate, and you have to be a current Hostcrate customer.

Please remember that the new server/control panel cannot use Custom URL’s so if you wish to switch when beta is over please keep that in mind.

That is all the updates for now. I will post more as we go.

Thank you!

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