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-Updated to include the pricing. Sorry about that.


Read our last post before this one so you aren’t completely lost.

1: Beta testing the server has officially begun. So far, so good. No bugs or issues have been reported.

2: I will most likely be renewing at our current datacenter just so we don’t have to rush migrations and in case of any uh ohs that may arise. You know, technology.

3: The pricing has been switched inside the new office. And will be shared below. The new pricing will take affect on November 17th so until then you will be able to renew at the current pricing via the renew signs & hud. But you cannot do so at the office with new purchases nor reactivations signs as those are set to the new pricing structures. Hopefully that makes sense.

4: I have moved everything to the new office. I thought this was going to take me longer than it did so I will be taking everything down at the old office with a we moved sign with the new landmark. You can also get the new landmark by clicking the 1st TAB in my picks as I always keep that updated.

5: I will be working on our website and will start to be able to take RL payments with a proper billing system. I just have to wait to start this until I have settled into our new place. Speaking of, see #6.

6: We are a go on the new place! We got the keys on the 13th! They did most of the repairs, only a few things to fix. Hubs has informed me that they may be dragging (it is what they call moving onto the next job in the Union Electrician lingo) December 2nd. We have planned to go get our things from storage in Georgia the day after Thanksgiving which will be quite the drive to and from plus all the loading & unloading so I will be mostly unavailable on November 24th – November 26th. The drive alone will be 9 and a half hour drive ONE WAY plus we will probably have our doggies so quite a number of potty stops. Then it is a 10 and a half hour drive back but to our new place then a 2 hour drive back to the hotel. It’s gonna be an exhausting weekend.

That is all the updates, for now. Will be sure to keep you posted. Sorry forgot to put the pricing list hehe….here is that info:


UNMETERED STREAM PLAN (by request only):



Thank you,
LustyLexxi Larimore

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