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Celebrating 16 years (early lol)!!

Important Note: Please follow the instructions to redeem. No refunds will be given, no exceptions.

We are celebrating our 16th birthday here at Hostcrate a whole month early. We will be officially 16 years old come May 4th, 2024. This is also my chihuahua’s, Jazzie, 14th birthday (will be celebrating her bday too with a doggie cake & treats)! The following sales will be available through May 5th, 2024. Full transparency: I am running these specials to be able to celebrate this milestone in RL by taking my incredibly supportive husband out to a nice dinner & a movie. He has been there to help me get through some tough struggles through these last 16 years….the migrations, the sudden force of having to leave not one but two datacenters, the list goes on. Without YOU AND HIM, Hostcrate wouldn’t be here. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the last 16 years. You guys really do mean so much to me, I love you all!

 ͟H͟A͟L͟F͟ ͟O͟F͟F͟ ͟Y͟E͟A͟R͟L͟Y͟ ͟S͟P͟E͟C͟I͟A͟L͟!

To redeem ANY OF THESE SALES, please contact LustyLexxi Larimore directly. A vendor will be set out for you to pay if using L$. If in USD, you’ll be requested for an email for a PayPal invoice to be sent. This sale has a hard limit of only 2 years* to be redeem in total. No forms to fill out & you’ll be given a notecard receipt (a receipt via email as well if using USD).  Sale ends May 5th, 2024. Important Note: Please do not renew before being told to do so. Please do not send me direct payments either. There will be no refunds, no exceptions.

Regular Streams – this is HALF off our SL yearly pricing

Budget Plan: $20/year USD  / In L$5,400

Radio Plan: $40/year USD / In L$10,800

Club Plan: $60/year USD / In L$16,200


VIP Licenses – this is HALF off our SL yearly pricing

VIP Budget License: $13/year USD / In L$3,600

5GB VIP License: $26/year USD / In L$7,200

10GB VIP License: $40/year USD / In L$10,800

☛​̳ ​̳𝙈​̳𝙖​̳𝙠​̳𝙚​̳ ​̳𝙞​̳𝙩​̳ ​̳𝙖​̳ ​̳𝘽​̳𝙊​̳𝙂​̳𝙊​̳ ​̳𝙨​̳𝙥​̳𝙚​̳𝙘​̳𝙞​̳𝙖​̳𝙡 ̳☚

Wanna make this a BOGO offer AND make a difference in the world? Simply donate L$1,500 /$6 USD to our RFL kiosk. Please only do this once you are asked to so I can keep track properly. No refunds, no exceptions (can’t give refunds because the funds go straight to the RFL account not to me).

1: You’ll be able to renew at the 1 year price above AND get 1 year free.

2: Your hard limit will be tripled, up to 6 years total.

Example: You donate L$1,500 to our RFL kiosk at our office. You renew at the vendor I set out up to 3 times so you’ll get 3 years on us as the BOGO and you hit the total hard limit of 6 years total while making a difference raising funds for RFL in the process. YAY!

If you have any questions, etc please reach out to me directly LustyLexxi Larimore.

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