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ALL CLEAR: DATACENTER Emergency Maintenance

As of 4/25/2024 @ 3:03PM EST / 12:03PM SLT


The servers are back online. Thank you so much for your patience & understanding! I appreciate it more than you know.


As of 4/25/2024 @ 9:20AM EST / 6:20AM SLT

Server ending in 58 is currently back online. Server ending in 138 is still being worked on. –Lexxi

As of 4/25/2024 @ 1:11AM EST / 10:11PM SLT

It is a networking issue that the datacenter wasn’t expecting. They have their technicians working hard to get the issue resolved and the server back online. They will let me know when it has been fixed. I cannot stay awake any longer as it is 1AM in the morning for me, I need to get some sleep. Hopefully by the time I wake up or when I wake up to go pee (it happens lol), the servers will be back online. I will update you as soon as I wake up whether or not there are any further details. Please, if anyone asks via SL, FB, Discord, etc, refer them to this post. This site is NOT on our servers and is hosted elsewhere for this exact reason – so I can communicate with everyone  even when servers are down. As you can obviously see, that it is a bright idea to do so.

I will, again, update you soon as I wake up. I appreciate everyone being so understanding and GREATLY beyond words appreciate your patience.


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