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Xmas Sale – $1/mo, Any plan!

Xmas Sale – $1/mo, Any plan!
Mon, Dec 04 2023 3:18:04 PM PST

Get 1 year for only $1/mo! Any plan. Redeeming in USD $12 for 1 year. In SL in Linden Dollars its L$4068. Only 1 year redeemable. Any plan whether a regular or license. Fill out attached NC located in the GROUP notice in SL & drop it in the mailbox on my office desk so I don’t lose it and I will reach out to you in IM & by NC to redeem. Any questions, ideas, concerns, etc? Let me know πŸ™‚ Expires Dec 22nd or when 15 spots have been claimed, whichever comes first,

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

Expired Sale – SPOTS REMAINING: 10

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Moving Update

Moving Update
Mon, Nov 20 2023 4:25:25 PM PST

Tomorrow we are officially moving out of the hotel by 11:00AM EST (+3 SLT). I will not have internet until the 22nd as that was there only day to get us scheduled with a tech to come set it up at our new place. Hostcrate will be closed for Thanksgiving as usual which is the 23rd. Then on the 24th, hubby & I will be driving down (9+hour trip one way) to get our things out of storage. I should be back by the 29th. Will keep you all posted.

Thank you-Lexxi

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Our new office

-Updated to include the pricing. Sorry about that.


Read our last post before this one so you aren’t completely lost.

1: Beta testing the server has officially begun. So far, so good. No bugs or issues have been reported.

2: I will most likely be renewing at our current datacenter just so we don’t have to rush migrations and in case of any uh ohs that may arise. You know, technology.

3: The pricing has been switched inside the new office. And will be shared below. The new pricing will take affect on November 17th so until then you will be able to renew at the current pricing via the renew signs & hud. But you cannot do so at the office with new purchases nor reactivations signs as those are set to the new pricing structures. Hopefully that makes sense.

4: I have moved everything to the new office. I thought this was going to take me longer than it did so I will be taking everything down at the old office with a we moved sign with the new landmark. You can also get the new landmark by clicking the 1st TAB in my picks as I always keep that updated.

5: I will be working on our website and will start to be able to take RL payments with a proper billing system. I just have to wait to start this until I have settled into our new place. Speaking of, see #6.

6: We are a go on the new place! We got the keys on the 13th! They did most of the repairs, only a few things to fix. Hubs has informed me that they may be dragging (it is what they call moving onto the next job in the Union Electrician lingo) December 2nd. We have planned to go get our things from storage in Georgia the day after Thanksgiving which will be quite the drive to and from plus all the loading & unloading so I will be mostly unavailable on November 24th – November 26th. The drive alone will be 9 and a half hour drive ONE WAY plus we will probably have our doggies so quite a number of potty stops. Then it is a 10 and a half hour drive back but to our new place then a 2 hour drive back to the hotel. It’s gonna be an exhausting weekend.

That is all the updates, for now. Will be sure to keep you posted. Sorry forgot to put the pricing list hehe….here is that info:


UNMETERED STREAM PLAN (by request only):



Thank you,
LustyLexxi Larimore

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A few updates

Hiya! I just wanted to keep everyone posted.

1: I ordered a server on the 4th to test their servers/network, etc. I am still awaiting on a working server.Β  (it’s been 3 days since their last reply & 1 day since my asking for an update…not looking great just fyi)

2: In light of #1, I may have to renew at our current datacenter even though I don’t really want to after how they are handling customers who have servers that are End Of Life and no longer supporting the management I had on mine. Not to mention the lack of help in moving to comparable servers by them, like none. Seriously.

3: I cannot continue the same pricing. Seriously. Servers are expensive and are NOT what they use to be. I’ve been paying out of pocket for a long time as I explained this last time I mentioned (& changed) pricing. I shouldn’t have to do that with a business. I should be able to pay the bills to keep the lights on with the funds earned via sales/renewals, hire customer service reps, and be able to take care of bills in my RL just like everyone does when they work a job. That is how businesses and having a job works. I lost a lot of customers when I changed the pricing last time so I do kind of expect the same to happen. The new pricing will be put into place on November 17th, 2023.

4: I am moving the office to smaller land. Once I have moved, the updated landmark will always be in my 1st pick tab on my profile. We should be all moved in by November 17th, 2023.

5: I am getting ready to move in RL too. We were approved for a 1 year lease which is 2 and a half hours away from where we are currently. Our lease begins on November 13th. Not entirely sure when we are moving in because my husband is still working at this location so once I know, I will let you all know.

If I have any further updates, I will let you all know. If you have any questions, etc please feel free to reach out.

Thank you,
LustyLexxi Larimore

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Moving Datacenters


We will have to move datacenters by January 31st, 2024. By “have to”…we have no choice. After just shy of 10 (TEN) years with this datacenter….we received an email to which opened a ticket automatically by their system. I replied…there was a small exchange. I had to double reply as there was no response from them for 6 DAYS! Imagine if I were to leave you as a customer on read for 6 days only to reply with the response they left me…no help whatsoever. Imagine how upset you’d be…that is me, right now. I have been very angry over this.

I am so sorry this has to happen. I am looking for us a new place to call home that will be reliable. Once I find some options to try (and have the funds for), I will get into our Beta discord to give people access. This, by the way, will cost me to find a new home because servers are not free to just test (that’d be great lol) and I have to also pay for the software to put onto the servers which also isn’t free so please bear with me as my husband will be trying to help with footing the bill to help us out.

All updates will be posted here so please keep an eye out.



Thank you for understanding. –Lexxi

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Halloween Special – Hostcrate 2023

— Renew X, Get X FREE — Halloween Special – Hostcrate 2023

Hey! Hi! Hello! πŸ™‚ Hope you are doing well. It’s been a minute since I have had a special running. Although I am still grieving from the loss of our furbaby boy, Blitz on October 2nd, I want to bring some sort of joy with some savings of L$ on your stream(s). With Halloween being one of my favorite holidays why not do that for this Halloween.

Renew X, get X free. Replace the X with either a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, a month, 12 weeks, etc. Whichever you decide. For every week you renew, you’ll get 1 week free. There is no limit but this special will expire on November 4th, 2023. Β This is for new or current customers. New customers *must* purchase a stream at regular pricing then they can renew with this special thereafter.

So to sum it up: If you want to renew only 1 week, you’ll get 1 week FREE. If you want to renew 1 year which is 52 weeks, you’ll get 1 year (52 weeks) free. To make it easier on me for math reasons, will go by weeks.

Please fill out this form completely with the required fields as incomplete responses will result in NOT redeeming the special & will be trashed so be sure. If you need reassurance yours is all good please feel free to ask me, LustyLexxi Larimore. Some fields not required so feel free to not reply if you don’t want to.
**This special is subject to be changed, updated, modified, etc at anytime at the discretion of the owner of Hostcrate.
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Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance
Thu, Oct 12 2023 1:18:38 PM PDT

The server maintenance will be performed on Monday, October 16th, 2023 at 8AM SLT so it doesn’t interrupt any Sunday sets you may have. After server maintenance, I will restart all streams including those with AutoDJ. No tweaks are scheduled during this so it should only take 10 minutes at most but just be prepared just in case as technology isn’t perfect and I will of course let you know if a hiccup happens.

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

General Post

My absence

Our Blitz

I will be taking an extended break. Today, October 2nd, 2023 at 10:32AM, we said goodbye to our furbaby Blitz. He was 15 years old. We had to let him go so he wouldn’t suffer anymore. The vet asked if we would like any tests done to see what it could of been to make him hardly able to breath, walk, and not eat which was the best decision to know we did the right thing as he had cancer, a mass that was pushing down his heart & lungs causing him the issues. He was doing just fine on Saturday, playing with his sisters. Then everything changed & he went down hill fast come Sunday morning to which is stopped eating, had started shaking, had two seizures, could barely walk/stand without nearly falling over, would get up & just pee so decided that we let him sleep and be able to cross the rainbow bridge so he wouldn’t be in pain/struggle anymore.

He was such a good boy, the bestest boy. He was very loved. He will be very much missed. My husband & I are very heartbroken as we had him since he was just shy of 2 years old…13 years of having his sweetness doesn’t feel like it was enough time πŸ™

I thought there would be no pain like the loss of my mom in 2019. This proved that wrong. There isn’t quite a pain like walking into the vet with your dog being carried by your husband and walking out without your furbaby & in tears and embraced with your husband. Going back to your hotel…seeing his empty bed & his blankets without him in them. πŸ˜­πŸ’”

I don’t know how long I will take. You may see me online, but I won’t be working unless it is a necessity. I will need some time. So please forgive me if I may be delayed in my response. I will do my best but do take into account that my heart has been completely shattered by the loss of our Blitz, our furbaby. ☹

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

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Overdue Streams

Overdue Streams
Sat, Sep 09 2023 8:07:54 PM PDT

All streams that are 3 or more days overdue will be terminated tomorrow by Noon SLT (September 10th, 2023). If you wish to keep your stream please be sure to renew before Noon or risk losing your stream. I do not reopen regular streams as that is a reserved perk of our VIP Licenses. Any questions feel free to reach out. No further notices will be sent.

Thank you — Lexxi

TP to our office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Cove/44/31/23

General Post, Outages/Network Issues

Servers are back up

Servers are back up


The servers are fixed. There may be a slight delay when trying to connect or login to your control panel but that should subside shortly. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding with the situation. I appreciate it very much. –Lexxi