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Reminder: Tomorrows Scheduled Reboot

Reminder: Tomorrows Scheduled Reboot
Wed, May 01 2019 9:27:54 AM PDT

Scheduled reboot tomorrow May 2nd, 2019 between 3AM SLT – 6AM SLT. If you don’t have premium support, you will have to restart your stream from within your control panel using the info from your notecard. Video On how to Restart your stream:

Premium streams will be started for you right after the reboot – give me about 10-15 minutes after the reboot for all of them to be started.

Thank you — LustyLexxi Larimore

General Post, Maintenance Notices

Reboot Reminder & Terminations

A friendly reminder that a server reboot will be performed on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 between 3AM SLT – 6AM SLT (6AM EST – 9AM EST). During the reboot, all streams are turned into offline mode therefore you will have to log into your control panel to click the green on button. We’ve created a YouTube video on how to do that. Don’t want to have to worry about doing this? No problem! That is exactly why we have what is called Premium Support which means I will turn on your stream as soon as the server comes back online after a reboot. The price of this service will be increasing in January so may I suggest taking advantage of the promotions we have on it.

If you get a page that says any sort of error when trying to access the control panel, it means you were banned by IP address as we have a strict firewall to prevent any sort of unwanted access so you will need to contact a staff member to have your IP un-banned and whitelisted. A tip to prevent this is to **never, ever** copy/paste, ALWAYS type in the username and password so you don’t pick up an invisible space which will give you a failed log in.

If you have a custom URL, remember that your control panel is just a tad bit different when you log in. Just use the search bar at the top and type in whmsonic and it will bring up the Shoutcast Admin Panel to your stream.

Onto terminations…

I will be doing stream terminations throughout today and tomorrow so be sure that you check your rental box at the Hostcrate inworld office. We **DON’T** offer any grace period in Second Life so once your box turns red indicating you are in overdue status, you risk losing your account if you don’t pay it before we terminate it. We will **NOT** re-open/recreate a stream that was terminated **UNLESS** you have a Lifetime License.

A lifetime license lets you reactivate your stream at any time with the same details (IP is the only thing that may change). That is the only exception.

IF you ever want to have a stream with a specific due date with a grace period, we suggest converting to a RL (Real Life) stream account. Check our promos for any current sales.

That is about it for this post. I appreciate you stopping by and reading what I had to say. Thank you for all the support in allowing us to have this page for all of our updates and information. THIS really makes my life so much easier!!!! Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or etc. Thank you!!!

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Xmas Deal

Here are a few promotions that we have available. For a full list of current sales, click here.. Read them carefully and use the redemption form to redeem any of the listed sales that we post on the website.

To Redeem any of the promotions that we offer, please fill out this form. This should make our lives easier 🙂

  • If you pay 3 years on your box, your 4th one is on us. Plus you’ll get a free custom url & premium support for 1 year! CANNOT be combined with any other offer. Limited to 25 customers only: first come, first serve. Expires January 10th, 2019. DON’T PAY YOUR BOX!!! FILL OUT THE REDEMPTION FORM TO REDEEM!

Thank you,
LustyLexxi Larimore


Here is a list of all of our current sales as of writing this post.

General Post

Hey there…

Welcome to Hostcrate’s promotional website! We will be using this space for posting all of our promotions, sales offers, deals, giveaways, events, etc. I’m sure you get the idea! This page and will run ads by to help keep our amazing prices down low also while giving us the ability to run such promotions. You are NOT likely to see that by any other hosting company which is just another reason on the list that separates us from everyone – We want to provide affordability but NEVER at any risk of losing the quality of our services or our customer service that we provide! And, we’re transparent about it. The ads help offset the overhead for our company to stay in business which passes on savings to you, the customer.

Be sure to bookmark the site so you aren’t missing out on any amazing deals!

See you soon!