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Hey there!

We all have seen the devastation that has been happening in the world. We would like to build a community to help do our part to spread helping one another.

After a lot of my own research, I have come across 3 charities that give the majority of donations to the causes that are raising funds for rather than giving enormous amounts of funds for their top executives. I thought this was an important factor while finding reputable charities.

In No Order:

All Hands and Hearts

Midwest Food Bank

Toys for Tots

I have set out donation boards for each charity:

On the 1st of each month, donations will be processed out of SL and donated to each charity. Screen shots and/or video will be taken and posted publicly for all to see.

ALL donations will be held in a completely separate account until it is time to process the donations to US. Dollars to be donated. Again, screen shots & videos WILL be posted publicly.. A link will be provided in the future once we have done our first processing & donating of funds to each charity.

You can follow the links given above and donate directly to the charity of your choosing if you wish to do so.

Thank you,

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