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What happened: scheduled reboot? My Lifetime License?

Hello everyone,

I apologize that I was unable to do the scheduled reboot for server ending in 242 this past Monday at the last minutes. I took a tumble that day onto concrete and hurt my knees pretty badly. It’s hard to walk and it is also hard to bend them (especially my left). I thought I would be able to tough it out but ended up being way too painful to sit at my computer so that is the reason why I canceled the reboot. I GREATLY apologize!!! I know I said I would schedule it for this upcoming Monday but we will just do this reboot next month so I don’t inconvenience anyone further and by then I should be healed pretty well.

For those waiting on their lifetime license streams, please please please be patient with me….I will do my very best to get them done for you this weekend so I can let my knees heal a bit before trying to sit at my computer for too long & hurting them moreso but if I can’t I’m so sorry and I will get them done AS SOON AS I CAN, I promise just bear with me just a bit.

Thank you to everyone who sent me a private messages making sure I was ok – very much appreciated!

Thank you again for understanding.

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