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Renew 1 month, get 1 month free

Renew 1 month, get 1 month free. Ends Friday November 8th, 2019 11:59PM SLT. You **MUST** use the 1 month pay option to get the bonus, it will send a notice in local saying you received a bonus time if done correctly. **Not using the 1 month payment option will not get the bonus & no refunds will be given** To find out your monthly multiply by 4 (Example: budget streams are L$99 a week so 99 times 4 = 369 so you pay L$396 for 1 month & use the appropriate pay option) Let each transaction process before doing another. Only limit is that it is only until Friday!!

Become a Patron to get notice of sales notice first, extended sales time frames, merch, etc! Patron’s get this deal until Tuesday November 12th, 2019!! If you’re a Patron & would like to get this deal after the end date of November 8th, please contact me directly to redeem.

Being a Patron on our Patreon page helps Hostcrate to stay in business. It would mean everything to me if you joined! I also really love the fact I get to write to you personally each month just becoming a Patron for $1.00 a month! I’ve already done my first writing for this months and it melted my heart to get to do that!!!!

Our servers are due in 10 days…and your support would help greatly as we still have $229.10 to pay off. If with SL & Patron doesn’t cover it, my husband will help using our savings as he is in between jobs waiting for a job call to come in. Keeping in business with the ridiculous price hike put onto us for base cost PLUS the per account has been very hard and especially so because we had to increase our fees which caused customers to go elsewhere which means we have lost business so Patreon was one way to help us to stay in business.  Soon, we will reopen our doors on our website, Patron’s will be able to choose which template design we go with! IF you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to share them!

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