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Update Notice: New Server + Beta Testing

Please know this post will be a long one as it is going to include features of the new control panel that will be on the new server. It will also include how to become a beta tester!

As previously posted, we have ordered a new server. We are absolutely EXCITED about it! This new server will be quite different with many new features. The only con is that this control panel cannot do custom url’s, at all but all the features are what made me decide to go ahead with it on another server. I have listed all the features below with screenshots.

Your Control Panel Dashboard


This control panel will allow you to switch AutoDJ, Shoutcast v1, v2.5, v2.6 and IceCast. It will include an SSL (HTTPS) to all radio versions so that nasty little issue with Google Chrome not playing streams won’t be an issue any longer.

There will be many on air features! You will be able to insert jingles live while on your stream, you can insert text to voice by real human pro voices, using microphone and inserting your own voice like a jingle, playing any track live on the stream with nice fade effects and even changing the entire AutoDJ playlists on air and the best part about this is that you will not drop a single listener from your stream when doing this.

If you have a plan with AutoDJ then you will get access to a whole new advanced playlist manager. You will be able to simply drag and drop tracks to change the play orders of your playlists. The MP3 upload system via your browser will also be a simple to use drag and drop system. You will be able to edit the metadata (required especially for those in SL) and play those tracks immediately if you want to. All while, again, not dropping any of your listeners or having any interruptions. This will also include a playlist schedule automatic timezones so the system will automatically know your timezone and allow you to schedule a playlist on your own timezone.

This control panel will give you access to a Music Library feature which will allow you to create your own music/album folders and then upload mp3 files into the folders by using our turbo speed chunked drag and drop upload system on the same screen. Here it is in action!

You’ll be able to choose your own language on the control panel from the left menu.

There is a full page and single page of widgets for a play that will be available. It will have different effects with amazing backgrounds. There will also be a widget that will show you if a DJ is on air. Pretty nifty if ya ask me 😉

This control panel features a much more Advanced DJ Manager for account management where you can create multiple DJ accounts and set permissions like: can stream, can start/stop radio and many other options. Each DJ can login to the DJ Panel, each DJ can upload their own profile picture for when the DJ is on air. The profile picture will show on the player pages.

This control panel will include the SSL (https) so no more of Google Chrome giving you issues or outright not allowing people to hear your stream from the browser because of Google changing their code.


Before we release the server to be used for the public, we always beta test to make sure there are no bugs we need to have fixed. If you would like to be able to test all of these new, exciting features on the new server with the updated control panel….follow these instructions & requirements.

Requirements are simple: Be an active participant during the beta. Interact, send in updates, give feedback, report all bugs. You’ll also need Discord because all of the communication will be done on a Discord Server created specific for Beta Tests. You have to be a current customer – no exceptions. If you fail to be an active, you’ll be removed! That’s it.

Now to be on the Beta Team please send an IM inworld to LustyLexxi Larimore with your Discord Username. You will receive an friend add on Discord and then be invited to the server.

Once the server has been setup (they are currently working on this now), I will send each person a login with all the features directly to your Discord username. **DO NOT SHARE THIS INFO WITH ANYONE UNLESS THEY ARE IN BETA WITH YOU – IF CAUGHT, YOU’LL BE BANNED FROM FUTURE BETA TESTS** The beta test will last as long as it is needed…you’ll be notified when it has ended.

Welp, that is the end of this post. Thank you for taking the precious time from your day/night to read it. I greatly appreciate all of your support with Hostcrate – It really does mean the absolute WORLD TO ME!


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