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Win a free year of service fish bowl! + Hostcrate Storage Now Available!

Win a free year of service by entering our fish bowl (it’s red)
Gigli Isles (204,98,1581)Must have group tag on. Drawing has been pushed back to Friday 12PM SLT!

Also, we now offer server/dropbox/etc hosting. See below for info, pricing, & landmark.

Last Update: 5/4/2021

Guide Lines:
Be kind.
Keep your object(s) inside the rack(s) that you have rented. If you need more prims/land impact, please rent additional racks. If none are available please contact LustyLexxi Larimore.
All objects placed should be scripted properly so that it is not a drain on the regions script resources. (Examples: CasperVend DropBox, BSM Server, etc.) Scripts that behave properly mean a better working environment for everyone!
Do not exceed your prim limit. You’ll be warned only once.
There are no grace periods so please pay your rental on time or you’ll risk having your items returned for non-payment.
Storage Rental Pricing:
All available storage racks are green boxes. If grey/locked, they are unavailable
If there are none available, please contact LustyLexxi Larimore to get one opened for you.
1 Prim/Impact Storage Rack: L$ 5/week
2 Prim/Impact Storage Rack: L$ 10/week
5 Prim/Impact Storage Rack: L$ 25/week
10 Prim/Impact Storage Rack: L$ 50/week
15 Prim/Impact Storage Rack: L$ 75/week
50 Prim/Impact Full Space: L$250/week
All rentals start with a minimum of 1 week. You may pay on a weekly or pay ahead up to 3 years..
As a thank you, if you spend L$300 (or more) in one payment, get a 10% discount!
You’ll have to pay in the normal amount at first, but you will be refunded the difference within minutes!
We currently only have one area for storage rentals. More will be added as needed.
Direct Landmark to the storage area:
Please use the Teleporter within each area to get from one level to another.
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