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Broken Streams from Forced SSL


Hey there!

If your stream ends in server IP 147 OR 30.242, please know that you may experience issues where some people won’t be able to hear your stream. This is because Google now enforces SSL (a lot of browsers are following suit) and because streams on these servers run on IP addresses (can’t apply an SSL on an IP address) instead of an actual domain name, it may break the stream from being heard for some whether inworld or out. I just had a few people have this issue. They had to be switched to the new server with the stand alone version of the software that we use that uses a domain name as the hostname so their stream URL is actually using a domain instead of the IP address. I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions OR if you wish to be transferred over to prevent this issue from happening to your stream please reach out to me so I can switch you over.

Thank you,
My SL username is: LustyLexxi Larimore

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