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December 13th: Save the date – MOVING PROCESS BEGINS

December 13th: Save the date – MOVING PROCESS BEGINS


Are on server ip that ends in  147 — OR — 30.242, this notice is for *you*.
(I’m so so so sorry for the typo here, I fixed it)


WebPros, the owner of cPanel, has announced several PRICE INCREASES THAT WILL TAKE EFFECT ON JANUARY 1ST, 2022. So, because of this, it has been decided that Hostcrate will be moving away from using cPanel after all. These two servers are currently using this software so we will need to – simply put – do a fresh start on these servers so they have to be reinstalled as if it was a fresh out the oven server that was ordered. We *WON’T* be keeping server IP that ends in 30.242 so anyone on that server will be moved onto 147 once it has been reinstalled with the new control panel. We will in the near future be ordering a new server to replace the server we aren’t keeping just FYI.

*** Please *** make sure that you have all of your data backed up if you are using the playlist features & have music uploaded as that will not be able to be transferred over. This will cause unavoidable downtime for these servers so I highly recommend that you have a backup stream – note that new streams that are set for rent at our office are already using the new control panel software so you can rent a temp stream that way or get a backup somewhere else reputable. It is *always* a good idea to have a backup stream as technology isn’t perfect anywhere you go.

This will begin on December 13th, 2021 & the expected date to be finished is on December 17th, 2021. It may take longer or a shorter time frame however which way we will keep you posted along the entire process via this webpage!

Once the servers have been reinstalled, I will begin the process of putting accounts back onto it. You will receive a notecard & IM once I have done yours. Please note that while I will do my very best to keep your info the same, it may not be possible (specifically the port just in case it is in use by another as I merge those from the other server onto this one).

Please note that if you have a custom URL, you won’t be able to use it as a hosting page where you have a player/website on it, your url will turn into your control panel login page. That is the only downfall to this control panel however it has quite a number of features like being able to schedule your playlists, an internal uploader so you don’t have to use a separate FTP like FileZilla, etc. So far many of those who have requested transfers have loved the new control panel so I hope you will too.

Custom URL’s will be at an additional fee of L$75/week & will include premium support until I have done all of the transfers for existing customers. If you choose not to keep your custom URL, that is quite understandable. Premium support will be an additional fee for those not directly affected by this specific move.

I GREATLY apologize for this — quite frankly — pain in the ass process but I would rather do this than have to increase pricing each time that the company does it, it isn’t fair and I do everything on my end to keep prices as low as possible as I understand and highly dislike when it happens to our bills in RL.

I hope that this is easy to understand. I will be working on this in video format as soon as I can. If you have any questions, please reach out.

P.S.: Please ignore all other posts/videos I have done on this as this is the way in which we are going about this situation. If anything were to change, we will let you know asap.

Thank you
LustyLexxi Larimore

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