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The Old Pricing

The old pricing has been put back into place. I hope everyone comes to understand where I was coming from in my pricing increase to begin with: to cover overhead & be able to make a living to be able to help with RL bills that takes care of my own family like a job should be doing. I have had a lot of heart to heart conversations since January after the increase took place and after I had lowered it again…I decided that I would put the old pricing back into place. I have clearly made a lot of those who relied on me upset and for that I really am sorry. I have cut things that aren’t necessary anymore to lower my overhead both inworld & in RL. Hopefully this upcoming beta will work out to finding a datacenter with a bit more affordability for their servers without compromising the service. I will be looking for help in staffing like a Customer Service Rep and possibly someone to assist in marketing to get our name out there soon.

To help I will look into marketing our RL services outside of SL to cover the lower pricing we have inworld. I will also sell/process L$ in more of a bulk fashion so that Linden Lab’s 10% fee doesn’t sting as much. I’m brainstorming other things we could do to offset the cost as well like putting more effort into our clothing store (ThinkLMAO) or switching that into a sticker store…I haven’t decided that just yet.

That is all. I hope you all had a great Easter. And I hope those who I have upset will forgive me for the increasing of pricing. Thank you all for listening.

L$99/wk Budget Plan
L$150/wk Intro Plan
L$250/wk Radio Plan
L$375/wk Club Plan

L$40/wk VIP Budget License
L$65/wk VIP 1GB License
(this use to be the standard license that was L$108/wk, its now the 1gb license for cheaper)
L$88/wk VIP 5GB License
L$138/wk VIP 10GB License

Thank you –Lexxi

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